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right lower hip/back side pain


I am 24 years old. Since 2011 I have had these flares of chronic pain in my lower back side and buttock around the hip area. I thought maybe it had something to do with the sciatica nerve. I had a cortisone shot and that did not help me. I went to an orthopedic specialist and he told me to exercise and help build the muscles back that were weak in that area. I have been stretching and exercising and it helps some, but I still stay in pain. This flare started up Saturday Sept. 6, 2014. I was carrying a bag with three bottles of personal hygiene items in my right hand. After carrying it for a while my right side started to flare up. I had my husband carry the bag and it helped it not to strain. I have found that trying to lift something even the slightest bit heavy puts a strain on my side and it begins to hurt. It hurts when I sit down, and lay down. Last night I could barely sleep because of the pain flaring up. So I got up and stretched some and took some Advil, and then laid down with an ice pack on the area with pain. It helped me sleep through the night and get ready this morning, but when I went to work it started hurting again and I had to walk really slow and not make any sudden (quick) moves, and that's really hard to do being a waitress. So I have learned that when I lift something it's going to stir the pain even more. I do not know what to do. I have been to the doctor several times and it doesn't seem like they know what's going on. I am trying to find ways to relieve the pain. I can't continue working in this condition. I really need help to resolve this problem. I will be seeing Dr. Zubaty (chiropractor), in Sparta, KY, tomorrow hoping that he can help me.

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Sorry to hear that you're in so much pain. I've been suffering from hip bursitis (trochanteric bursitis) for the past 9 months and my pain is in the hip area (although it's not the actual hip joint which is affected). It's worse when I lie down and when I climb stairs. The pain has spread into my lower back and buttocks. My consultant has given me a steroid injection, which has eased it slightly, and I'm due to have some physiotherapy. It might be worth going back to your doctor and asking if this could be the problem. I hope things soon improve for you.

kara7165 in reply to Genevieve

hi Genevieve i've got the exactly the same as you im in total agony with bursitis (trochanteric bursitis) but i've also got compressed nerves from my back going right through buttock down leg into my foot constant fuzzy pins and needles plus my fibromyalgia doesn't help any i'm on all kinds of tablets as well as pregabalin to block the nerve pain but the bursitis is around my hip area is awful and my leg hip buttock are swollen too and now i am having constant fuzzy pins and needle in my arm and hand it seems to be all down my right side is affected. i've also had steroid injection didn't help so now i'm waiting for a procedure through my back to block my nerve end to see if that helps but its not a guarantee it will work so i'm not sure whether to go through with that or not sorry for rambling on ive got no one to talk to that understands what i'm going through i hope your pain eases up soon

big hugs to you



i hope you get get things sorted soon hun there's nothing worse than having pain and not knowing what the cause is good luck

big hugs to you


Hi I put lots of posts on here of what I’m suffering from and many same as you plus many more. Are you having a caudural? In your spine like an anaesthetic but lasts for days weeks months person to person and your pain threshold. I couldn’t have it as I’ve got an untreatable infection in my spine that would make me a paraplegic they say and they don’t think with the amounts of medications and types and high doses I’m on that I’d benefit from anything like that and that was in 2012 and they’re much adamant this year and want me off the fentanyl 75mg

I have something very similar and it hurts and feels weak in right hip when I stand up after sitting for a while. I am trying Yoga stretches for it which do help. I think it is Piriformis Syndrome. try looking it up online, I found the Yoga exercises there and it does help a bit, probably would help me more if I kept doing them. I am much older than you but I have had this for many years now and it is an awful thing to have, I mentioned it to a Rheumatologist I saw about Osteoarthritis, she just said it was probably caused by my left knee which is stiff and painful causing me to limp a bit, but the symptoms fit Piriformis problems.

Sounds like your doctor needs to do an MRI to see if you have injured your back. If not then it could be something else like fibromyalgia? Hope this helps sweetheart!!! xxx Mitzi

I don't know the name of the stretches, I got them online, I can describe them for you :

lie on back, bend knees, cross right leg over left knee / thigh, and pull upwards on left leg,


lie on floor bend knees cross right leg over left leg place right foot to floor beside me.

I find the latter one helps most. I would love any further advice on this, thanks for replying. I see so many older woman limping around I do wonder if this is a common problem.

shopgirl2007 in reply to Fern369

Fern I’m trying to work out that excercises which is second one and more I read it the more I don’t get it or can’t visualise it. If it was knees together and bend both together to right side then left side I could follow but I can’t follow what you mean. Please explain or find it on you tube or something and send link. If I can get up and down off the floor that’s the first miracle and if I can do that excercises that’s the second miracle but since I can’t put my right leg in bed at all for over 6 yrs and been in my left hip 24/7 for over 6 yrs which is now excruciating as in on it 24/7 even in sofa I’m in agony and need do something and that’s not the only pain as pain in arches of feet heels of feet ankles and legs knees hips back head to toe with fibromyalgia osteoporosis arthritis spinal stenosis rheumatoid arthritis I s and many many more

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