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Nerve pain. Right side.

So i have been dealimg with this nerve pain for about 3 or 4 years now. Four years ago I was in an accident I was 8 months pregnant with my son and my 1 year ild son in the back seat.. I was okay I had a bruse on my right hip from the seat belt and on my right breast. my babies were fine. I had my son exactly a month after the accident. he was stuck on my right hip when I was in labor. he ended up coming out sideways. Im assuming because my rught hip. my other son came out fine during labor and delivery. nothing wrong with my hips nerves nothing of the sort. So I really think my hips/Si joint got messed up in the accident. I think the nerve on That side was messed up. i feel burning in my legs at night and in my butt cheek behind my lower leg my toes bottom of my feet. I've had x rays mri emg and nerve test. and they all said nothing. Im so upset. I don't know what to do! like am I this crazy? I feel the pain it hurts so bad sometime to the point where I have to leave the room and go lay down or sit and relax to let it pass. i am only 26 years old and when I talk to all these drs about my symptoms and what I've been dealing with they look at me like im nuts i feel like. because they're all about facts and beings they dont see nothing they think im nuts. I just dont know where to go from hear! on march 22 I go back into see my spn (spine pain and nerve) Dr. and I know he is going to tell me basically that theirs nothing wrong and change diet exercise more blah blah blah. i do these things already. im not overweight only like 10 pounds andim healthy. please someone help me. thank you.

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It isn't anxiety that's making you feel like this is it? Anxiety can make you feel physical pain.

Your doctors are giving you the all clear so far and you have more to see, spine pain, maybe wait until they check this and take it from there.


Hi, Im 39 ,I had a car accident when i was 18 and suffered with sciatica and back pain for years before i had it looked at. I have had scans that show a slight disk bulge. The pain is horrible, (It is like my leg and foot have been filled with hot fizzy fluid whilst someone has a stiletto heel in my lower back). Its worse when i go to bed. The pain clinic gave me a tens machine with sticky electrode pads which I wear in bed. I have found it to be effective in dealing with it at night. Ask the hospital for one. If they dont have one you can buy one on amazon and you can buy the sticky electrodes the brand i use is called med fit. Buy 2 rechargeable 9v battery's and a charger. I also sit with a hot water bottle on my back when im sat down on the sofa at night(this promotes healing) . Medication is only part of the answer with long term pain. Attack the pain with everything you can think of and see what works for you. Hope this helps



I too have nerve damage which effects my right side, burning sensation as with you.

You may be stuck with it, as I am. You will need help from doctor etc but also you will need to develop coping strategy, find out what your pain triggers are, stay fit, get your sleep etc etc

Good Luck



For Spine or nerve pain and burning legs I would be checking my vitamin B12 blood levels Samanthaloraine. Also check your vitamin D levels too, vitamin D can be linked to butt pain. Low or deficient B12 and low or deficient vitamin D can go hand in hand.


Hi have you been checked for endometriosis- if the nerve pain is at all cyclical this can be a clue it may be endo. Also try a pelvic floor physio. Physio generally good as they will listen and not call you crazy. My physio is part of the reason I have come through to this time of life with more functioning. Good luck with finding docs / therapists who can help you manage things. Being a new mum is hard on the body in so many ways for some of us & physio can help you with tools to minimise more pain & stregnthen up. If you need medication & pain management don't ever be afraid to ask for help. It is not the doctor having experience & you have a human right to treatment.


PS if your doc is only interested in your scans he is missing the most important source of information -you. They may be saying there is nothing to do surgically if it is pain management your gp should be helping you with ideas, specialists are not always much help unless you need a surgery in my experiences.


Good news MRI scan found nothing. This suggests that muscle behaviour may be causing the problem and you need to develop skills to better fine tune muscle control and posture. This is an investigative journey. For this I suggest seeing an Alexander Technique teacher and a yoga teacher.

Hope this is helpful.


You may try for a chiro visit, or acupuncture too. I hope you are doing well now, and that the medical team will be able to direct you to the right treatment. You may also try to check on some microcirculation therapy with deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator, it might help.


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