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Right Side Joint Pain and Stiffness


Hello I'm 55, 5' 3, female - normal weight. For a long time I've had joint pain that would last for months then disappear. For the past 6 months my right side has been hurting starting with my hip - my lower back, hip (right in middle), my thigh is sore all the time, my big toe was stiff or numb (this has subsided) replaced by joint pain on the balls of my foot. If I cross my left leg over my right when laying down there's immediate discomfort. Sometimes it feels like my skin is sore -sounds strange. My doctor has repeatedly prescribed 600mg of ibuprofen for the pain. I took it for a while, I seldom take it now - I don't think it's a good idea long term.

I have other minor joint pain, and neck pain that I believe is posture related. I went to an orthopedic doctor who assured me it isn't bone related. He said I have mild arthritis in my hip that should not be causing me any pain. I would really like to understand what's going on. I've been googling my symptoms for months trying to figure this out. It's not unbearable pain. If I knew it wasn't any thing serious I could deal with it better. Please let me know if any of you have experienced this sort of pain and what you know about it.


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Hi, my mum had very similar health issues as you all the joint pain, and the various other symptoms of pain, stiffness, hip pain, leg pain etc. And she got various reasons from doctors. Eventually a physio -therapist diagnosed fibramalgia, I think I've spelt it right Ha! Not good on spelling. Anyway it is a condition that can cause the symptoms you have, and it can be helped by different pain relief medication, and even by taking a anti -depressant, which my mum takes and it has helped her alot, with the symptoms and she is able to sleep much better. And her symptoms are much better,but she has good day's and bad days as it is a chronic condition, but there is help. It's worth seeing your doctor about. I hope I've been able to help.

Mechelle1960 in reply to Hidden

Thank you Jeff, I will google fibromyalgia.

You have my sympathy, I know its difficult, but try exercise, suing a high chair. Sit upright and do simple movement for about ten minutes, walking also helps even for five minutes. Ask for a referral to the pain clinic.

I walk 20 minutes 5 days a week. And when time allows at work 15 minutes during break. My right thigh stays sore, the left side is fine. I have a high chair that I use with my standup desk. I don't use it much. One of the options the nurse practitioner offered was a referral to pain a management clinic. I didn't take that option because I'm hoping not to have to take pain meds all the time. I may have to reconsider.

Thanks for replying

You should seriously ask for a referral to the pain clinic, they might offer good advice and support. Keep up the exercise, but don't over do it, best of luck.

Sazntef in reply to Mechelle1960

The pain clinic isn't just about meds, but also in developing mechanisms by which to deal and live with the pain. Exercises that help control, relaxation, adjustments to everyday life, possible referrals for diagnosis, modifications in home and work to help ease difficulties caused, support groups to speak with fellow sufferers and trade ideas. They really are worth speaking to in the battle with the pain.

Good luck

I have Arthritis. The symptoms vary. And I can go months without needing to take the Ibroprufen. got a flare up at mo with one knee and large toe. But hips ok at present as are other joints. Strange pain with the toe. Soreness, activity going on within like a sparkler. Worse on sitting. Should I hope be able to stop taking the pills in a few days or so. I'm also a member of the arthritis action group on here. And I go for Traditional Chinese Acupucture which treats the body as a whole which in turn helps the Arthritis

You could ask to see a consultant Rheumatologist. And as Jeff says it could be Fibro.

My toe was numb and stiff for months... I was aware of it with walking. Now it's gone as if it was never there. I will ask to see a Rheumatologist after I change doctors. Thanks!

Arthritis is one of the unpredictable causes of pain, at times nothing happens, but we mustn't kid ourselves, it is a very bad complain to have, as it never leaves you and there's no known cure for it.

Have you seen a rheumatologist? It might be worth ruling out an inflammatory arthritis like spondyloarthritis. Did the ibuprofen make a difference? If it did, then that is an indicator that it could be inflammatory. The pattern of flares (without any real injury to cause them) and remission is also very common in spondyloarthritis, and whereas rheumatoid arthritis is usually symmetrical, spondyloarthritis generally isn't, and can move around your body a bit, although lower back, neck and sacroiliac joint pain are the most common areas.

Check out the S-factor campaign (early identification of inflammatory arthritis) here nass.co.uk/campaigning/have...

Thanks. Will do a google search on spondyloarthritis and visit the link you provided. This is the first I've heard of this type. I'm also thinking of switching doctors to see if I can get one that is interested in finding the cause. Thanks again.

It's easier than some peeps think to change Doctors. If in same surgery, just see Practice manager. Keep it simple, you just need to register with another. And if you are going to another surgery, check it out online first to find its rating. Then go along and ask to be registered with them

Hi there. I am 49 but have experienced all-over body pain since at least my early 30's and migraines since I was a child. Earlier in the year, I started the paleo diet, keeping my carbs fairly low and focusing on raising my healthy fats. This helped tremendously (I might also add I haven't had a gallbladder since 2012 but have not had any problems handling the fats). I'm down to mostly having joint pain in my right neck, shoulder, shoulder blade, elbow, and hand. Starting December 1, I opted for a much more limited diet of fatty meat, sweet potato, salt, water, coffee (with butter and heavy whipping cream, 1 Tbsp each), and unsweetened tea. The difference is amazing. If I have coffee at work, my only option is Mini Moo half & half, which does cause the pain to come back (maybe too much lactose?). I eat a ton of meat until I'm full and I'm satiated for hours. I'm no doctor, but maybe some kind of elimination diet that removes most or all of the plants in your diet. After a few weeks, slowly bring them back one at a time. Make a note of what you're sensitive to. This is a very tolerable diet if you make sure you're eating healthy fats (not vegetable oil or Crisco). Also, I never knew I had depression symptoms until they disappeared on this way of eating.

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