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Right lower right side pain


Hi I have been suffering from pain that comes and goes in my right side gallbladder area I have been rushed into hospital twice with severe pain and even the morphine didn't work they admitted me on the Wednesday and discharged me Friday lunch time by Friday teatime I was rushed back into hospital with the same pain they did scans bloods etc and came up with nothing since then I have had this pain in my side and constant tenderness that comes and goes sometimes it bowls my over and I can't move til it passes which can be for a few hours and the more I try to move the more severe it becomes it is making my life a misery any ideas anyone

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does it happen after eating? even a scan can not always show up gallstones. or a stone in your bile duct if indeed it is this. what you need is an MRI ct scan, is there any pain between the shoulders or tip of the shoulder. any nausea or sickness? what ever you do, dont drink even a little as this will make things worse and even if its not gallstones it could be your liver so you dont want to drink, blood tests are quite good at telling them things for instance if there was a stone in your bile duct then the billiruben would be high that what makes us go yellow, keep a note of when this pain comes on, see if its after you have eaten a meal. as its not much to go on just with the symptoms you have described. not that im a doctor but iv had my gallbladder out and had very severe pain and nausea and sickeness at times. i have mirizzis's syndrome and that is very hard to detect. so i had to have a long 5 hour operation and have my bile duct reconstructed as they could not find the stone, so if you are in any pain i would continue to go straight back to that hospital as if its gallstones just because they cant find them doesnt mean that you dont have them. and things can take dramatic turns for the worse with gallstones, like ending up in your bile duct, im sure if you go back to the hospital with any pain again they will give you an MRI ct scan. as there is obviously something going on, no one gets taken into hospital with severe pain and tenderness over that area twice and then they are fine, that tenderness is very very painful to the touch. keep in touch with us and let us know what is happening, there is a large crowd of us here who have had our gallbladder out and many have different symptoms. all the best. love grace xoxo

Monty1976 in reply to grace111

Hi thankyou very much for responding as I'm a bit fed up with this to put it mildly I will give you some more symptoms of what happens when this pain starts it first starts with a stitch like pain in my right side nothing too bad but can't get comfy then the pain moves across my stomach to my belly button which is worsevery sharp peiceing pain which continues the pain then stays on my right side and just gets worse and worse to the stage where I can't move can't bare anyone to touch my stomach or right side at all this just keeps happening and the doctors still don't know just had a ultra sound done last week and results have come back as no action needed I know there is somthing wrong it keeps happening after these episodes I'm left feeling very sore on my right side and tender

Monty1976 in reply to Monty1976

And yes it does happen after eating and I do feel very clammy and nauseous with it and the morphine didn't touch the pain it's worse than child birth in fact I would rather give birth than keep feeling this pain never felt pain like this in my life

grace111 in reply to Monty1976

it does sound a bit like gallstones however there are many illness's which seem alike and not being a doctor i do not know im so sorry to hear of your pain and i hope that you have something for it to give you relief. if it was me i would just keep going to the hospital and the doctors as thats what they are there for and just because the havent found out what it is, does not mean that there job stops and they leave you to suffer, gallstones feels worse than childbirth thats how many of us have expressed how the pain is. can you ask for an MRI ct scan. what about your blood tests results. can you get them printed out and bring them on here as there are many people who can understand those blood tests and they will soon pick up if any of them are out. im so sorry that i can be of any more help, what dizasterdeb said its very interesting also and just because ACNES isn't worse after eating for everyone else it doesnt mean that its not how it may affect you so i would have a look at that. just in case it is gallstones. try eating a very low fat diet. no fried foods, just keep the food as plain as possible. like chicken with no skin on it and potatoes, no cheese or yogurt. no creamy pasta or pizza or anything like that. and see if its any better. as if its gallstones the pain is much worse with fatty foods. i'v re read your post quite a few times and im not convinced its gallstones to tell the truth. but i am really feeling for you. please get pain relief at the very least. keep in touch as im very interested to hear how you get on, it may sound stupid to you but i will be praying for you and i hope that you get the help you need and that they find out what is wrong as it sounds like agony. all my love. grace xoxo 🤗

Have you had a colonoscopy?

grace111 in reply to Monty1976

also iv just been thinking a lot about your symptoms and gallstone pain is usually on the upper right side. its called urq pain for short. thats upper right quadrant. it starts under the ribs and also thats the very tender area and between the shoulder blades also. so im thinking that what you have is definately something else. i do hope you find out what it is and maybe you could print out that thing about Cutaneous Nerve Entrapment Syndrome (ACNES) and take it to your doctor. i once was very ill and my doctor said to me i dont know what you'v got grace but you'v got it bad and sent me home with ibuprofen, i came home and got on the computer and typed in my symptoms and came up with cryoglobulinemia and went back to the doctor and i did get a special blood test for this and its exactly what i had. i was quite shocked to find it come up on the computer. however it is a very rare disease. its not quite so rare now but 10 years ago when i had it i could not find anyone on the internet to talk to about it except one woman who had completly different symptoms as me but the same diagnoses. so dont worry about going back to your doctor with information as it shows that your trying to find out whats wrong with you when no one else can and they dont know everything, as was proved in my case, so lots of luck. take good care of yourself. love grace xoxoxo

If it is the gallbladder, the doctor would know. I had stones in the common duct , the pain is excruciating. The doctor simply pushed on my stomach and I screamed. He told me to go to the ER immediately, as the gallbladder had to come out.

Well not quite, they had to get the infection down first.

It doesn't sound like gallbladder to me, my pain was not in my side, it was more in my side and back.

I am so sorry to hear how much pain you are in. I also have similar, terrible pain around that very same area and went to see my GP. Doctor suspected gallbladder and sent me for scans etc and no answer. He remained puzzled. Great huh? Searching the internet, as one tends to do when no answers come from various GPs, I found something that did match my symptoms. It may not match yours at all but worth a look maybe? Search for Abdominal (or Anterior) Cutaneous Nerve Entrapment Syndrome (ACNES) and see what you think. GPs rarely think of this or pick it up - I've even suggested it to one GP and got a blank look and told by another that it was muscle pain. It's NOTHING at all like muscle pain - really couldn't be more different!! However, because it wasn't visceral in cause (eg gallbladder) I was ignored and told 'no it is muscle' by a fool of a locum when I said 'but it doesn't feel like it'. Mind you they do not tend to like patients coming up with suggestions so I expect I annoyed him - he certainly made me feel I was wasting my time trying. Anyway, ACNES completely matches my symptoms and started so extremely painfully. I've not discussed it further with any more GPs. Just gave up as the pain, after several months, did start to ease at times. One year later the pain now comes and goes in strength and duration with some periods of time where it's not too bad. I'm not good at pushing things with GPs (evidently) and that's partly because a couple at the local surgery are appalling and we've heard patients refuse to see them and partly because depression makes me frequently uninterested in my own care. Plus it's a huge struggle to get to them and when they don't tend to listen what's the point? Have a read about ACNES and then try with your GP who I hope will be much better than any of mine. Of course do ALWAYS get immediate help if you are worried. Just bear in mind that it might not be something that A&E will pick up as they tend to concentrate on the immediate and life threatening. The pain is frightening and severe but, for me, it wasn't in this instance dangerous. I hope you find the cause soon and get help. There is treatment for ACNES but I pathetically gave up as it did eventually get to a more bearable level and I always just seem to get told 'you'll have to live with it' anyway. Do also seriously consider everything Grace111 suggests and questions. Better to get immediate attention if in any kind of doubt as you don't want to put yourself at risk. The very best of luck - I hope you'll let us know if you get to the right cause. All the best. Deb

Just read the other replies - sounds more gallbladder like although ACNES has made me feel sick just from the pain it isn't worse after eating! I took too long typing clearly (have painful hands!). I have heard stones can be more painful than childbirth. No personal experience of either though. Don't give up trying to get answers. All the best. Deb

i looked up acnes but found it hard as it kept coming up with acne but decided to put in what debs said and i got lots of imformation i think you should maybe have a look at. if you type this in it should help you to locate information, Abdominal cutaneous nerve entrapment syndrome. i think thats what debs said anyway, i hope you get some help. that was a good post also dizasterdeb and i hope it helps.one thing i thought was very interesting was that pain relief does not work on this kind of thing and you did say that the morphine did nothing, it does speak of some kind of anaesthesia into the muslce for relief.hope we have helped in some way. god bless you.

dizasterdeb in reply to grace111

That's kind of you to say so Grace, thank you. ACNES does come up a lot with acne information unless typed out in full unfortunately! ACNES is very painful but better than having gallbladder problems I am sure. I am so glad that your doctor listened to the information you found when he didn't know what was wrong with you. That can be quite rare in today's over worked NHS. Sounds like you've been pretty unlucky in the rare problems stakes! Hope things are better for you now.

All the best


grace111 in reply to dizasterdeb

thanks debs and also as as monty1976 said his pain did not get any better with morphine and thats something i read about with ACNES it said that a local anaesthetic is what they use for pain relief, im mean im not a doctor and those things can be hard to understand for us but im pretty sure that his pain is more like ACNES as its around the belly area. yes my doctor was okay but he was quite a young doctor and new to the profession, i know what you mean though when you go in and tell them whats wrong with you but he has no choice really as i was so ill and had so many symptoms also its a pretty serious illness, your right about me being unlucky in the rare problems stakes. you see i always wanted to be a very special person when i was younger but not like this. thanks for your nice reply and i do hope that your keeping well. get in touch anytime if you want a chat. love grace xoxoxo 🙋🏼

Sweetfa22 in reply to grace111

Grace your Outlook on life and your humour is an inspiration. X

If you have gall bladder problems, a diseased gall bladder, it does not show up with a Ct scan

sometimes they do exploratory surgery which is what they did on my husband. They saw that it was diseased and had some very tiny stones that did not show up on the Ct. Good luck, I know you are in terrible pain. and you should get a referral to a surgeon. Going to the ER is a waste of time to get the problem solved.

Well Monty I had gall bladder surgery on Oct 21 st.Unfourtunately it didn't

go to plan had to cut in and remove the gall which had an abscess attached to liver so they cut the main bile duct.Had to build a new one.

Not feeling good still lots of pain and one drain still to be removed.

Still a lot to be thankful for the consultant saved my life.

The pain in my side was terrible and just as you described it.

Have you had an MRI scan or any other tests? Ultra sounds can reveal stones in your gall bladder.. Ask about them.. Mine was left too late.

Best wishes Monty.xxx

grace111 in reply to Bertiedette

your operations souds similar to mine, do you know if it was called a heptitcojejunostomy? is your bile duct connect to your jejenum now. as they usually build a new bile duct from bowel tissue. its a big operation, mine lastsed 5 hours. and im still recovering and dont think i will ever be right again. i also had a drain in. i did not have an abscess attached to my liver but no the less i had to have my bile duct recontructed. i hope you get well soon as its a terrible thing this gallstone thing i'd never heard of them before until i got the pain, however it was my upper right quadrant that was painful, and round between my shoulders. and pain relief did work. thank god for that, unlike montys case. then again we can all have different symptoms. usually if a scan does not pick up the gallstones then the liver function tests are all over the place. i do hope they find out what it wrong with monty, all the best dear. i hope you have a good recovery. love grace xoxoxo

Bertiedette in reply to grace111

When did you have your operation Grace?

I still have a drain connected to give the new tube time

To bed in. I had my op Oct 21. Still in quite a lot of pain in the chest and back..and yes shoulders hurts to breath in.

Very weak still .I am doing walking for 30 mins or on an

Exersise bike. Tell me how you are coping. Thankyou Grace

grace111 in reply to Bertiedette

i will send private message to you. thanks for replying to me. speak soon, love grace xoxoxo

monty 1976 this is just to let you know that your in my thoughts. not that its much good to you but i do hope that you find out what is wrong and get this pain sorted out. keep in touch please and let us know as people do care. love grace xoxoxo

I have the same pain you are describing, mine is caused by a nerve. However, I have had four compression fractures and other back problems.

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