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Best tips?


So I’m stopping smoking in a week, I’m trying these tablets called champix and I’m on my 3rd day so far. Apparently on the second week they start to kick in and makes you feel abit nauseous when around tobacco, don’t know if that would be helpful for anyone. I would really like some tips on keeping my mouth occupied tho 😂

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HercuValued Contributor

Ambertown...Welcome and congratulations on your decision to quit...

Champix is a wonderful "aid" but does not make you stop...You must stop and Champix will help you to overcome most of the cravings..It will not make you nauseous when around tobacco...but might cause nausines when taken on empty stomach..If you get very nasty dreams and get depressed immediately see your GP

Champix mimics nicotine and your brain conceive it as if you have smoked thus you will not crave that much but will still need something to do with your hands...and your mind..

The physical and emotional part is the easy one but prepare for the physiological can be devastating..

But can be done ....Keep busy..Find a hobby or craft ..go for long walks (If not locked down)...I was one of the lucky ones and did not gain weight so I could indulge in Chocolate....and Coca Cola (So much for one bad to another hey) 😁 But did overcome that as well...

I got natural herbal over the counter supplements and still believe it helped me a lot..

I stopped with the aid of Champix almost 5 years ago (4 years 11 months) and never looked is amazing not to smoke....It is wonderful to live a life the way it should be lived..especially if you battered your body for 38 years with all that nasty chemicals...

Set yourself a stop date and you will be able to reduce gradually...usually 14 days from start (I dropped from 60 per day on day 1 to 0 on day 12)

Strongs !! enjoy the rollercoaster ride for the next 12 weeks.... (Complete the course of Champix even if you could stop after 14 days)

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Hey Hercu,

Thanks for getting back to me! I’ve actually found your info very useful :) I stopped smoking yesterday and I’m on day 4 on champix so far so I’ll post updates as time goes on. Sounds like you have smoked a lot in the past and I’m glad you’ve managed to quit for such a long time, well done! I’ve been smoking for about 7-8 years and I think the biggest thing for me to over come is being stressed at work n wanting a fag so wish me luck! Haha.

Kind regards

Take care


Hi Amber

Was so motivating to see your post and read the replies, I am also taking Champix and today is my first non-smoking day (I am actually feeling quite good about it).

Thank you :-)

As already specified, Champix is an aid, you have to want to stop. I started taking Champix on the 13th Jan 2020, and now I am 122 days smoke free.

I ran the 3 month course and feel great for achieving being a non smoker. There are some side effects, waking up in the middle of the night was a reoccurring one for me, I NEED my 8 hours.

The other side effect was vivid dreams, I had 2 (one rather erotic about my boss) ??!! but we wont go into that

I have not really thought about smoking recently, but after a nice meal I think there have been 2 occasions that if I was offered a ciggy I would have one..

I do find keeping busy part of the success, good luck and keep updating us with your success

Sparkle112 Years Smoke Free

Agree with Hercu. I did the 12 week course and the nausea was very bad especially in the mornings. I could manage half a biscuit with my coffee just to take the edge off. It really made me not want to smoke even when I was out with friends and they all smoked. The dreams were scary but I’d say worth it in the end. I’ll be 4 years smoke free soon. Champix worked for me. Good luck x

I used Champix 7 years ago.

Never thought of a cig since, I had weird but nice dreams.

I went past my due stop date by a week. Then just stopped.

£24 a day if I were still smoking

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