So I’ve been really struggling for over a week now. I don’t know what happened but the cravings are just non-stop. I’m not thinking about cigarettes particularly and my willpower has kept me going but it’s like one big constant never-ending craving, it’s like an annoying buzz in the background that never goes away! It’s making it really hard to concentrate at work, I’ve had to resort to nicotine lozenges again. I don’t know how to explain it, it’s like the feeling of wanting something, like you might if you were hungry or thirsty, but all the time. I don’t really have any other symptoms, I’m no grumpier than normal lol and I’m sleeping absolutely fine but this is just annoying now, the small thoughts are starting to creep back in! After 2 months I really don’t want to go backwards so I’m really hoping this is just the final death throes of the nicotine monster before it just buggers off completely!

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  • Oh dear., your having a horrid time, I'm guessing it's mr Nico having a last attack, just in case ( but he's wrong) you cave in, great news you had a back up plan, with the lozenge, like every thing in life if you can just hang in for a little while longer, it will leave you alone, and attack someone more vulnerable.

    My little black book has just opened on your page, it's says calmer waters are ahead for you, as your battle will become easier and easier, until the hold tight. Two months is just to much to throw away.

    Brilliant, well done you, please please post as needed, this maybe the difference, between continued success, or failure.

    Let's just show him who's boss. (That's you my lovely) you can do this , I have faith in you.

    Doing amazing, be very proud, 😊😊

  • That's a really lovely reply, thanks Tracey! Xx

  • Morning ToniR, yes, you are in the thick of the mental battle and these feelings are normal at this stage of your quit as the brain (nicodemon) is desperately trying to disrupt all the re-wiring over the last 2 months, but GOOD NEWS, it will pass soon, they will become less frequent and severe as each day passes.

    You need to be as strong and determined as you can for a little longer, it will be worth it, I really promise you :)

    Try to read up as much as possible on what is happening and especially the effects of the nicotine, are you still on the e-cig aswell as the lozenges?

    Post as often as you need to, wishing you strength...

  • Sorry to hear your struggling - I know I sound like the harbinger of doom but by "resorting to nicotine lozenges" you have reintroduced nicotine back into your system so now you are having nicotine withdrawal again as well as dealing with the mental battle. I assume you were off the lozenges before this setback? Still, it's better than smoking so still a win. The nicotine monster won't bugger off until you stop feeding him nicotine. Bit like a stray cat - you feed it, it will keep coming back expecting to be fed. If you ignore it - and keep ignoring it each time it meows at you - it will eventually get the message and go elsewhere. It may comeback for a cheeky visit a few months down the line but you have to stay strong - and again it will go away - but only if you ignore it.

  • Hey Miscy, you're not the harbinger of doom unfortunately, everything you say is so very true, and as Roisin says, I'm still using my ecig, it's just that it's worked so well for 2 months and now it just seems to be making things worse. I know all the reasons not to use it, just easier said than done! Guess I was looking for an easy way to get off the cigarettes without the pain that goes with it, mainly because my reasons were to do with cost and inconvenience and smell, which didn't come with the ecig! I hope my honesty outweighs my uselessness and rambling lol!

  • Oh I didn't realise you were using an ecig - so you already had nicotine in your system - again I'm making assumptions here. In that case I'd agree with welshgirl84 that you're having anxiety or a stress reaction and your cravings are cos you don't have your stress busting crutch to handle it. I can recommend deep breathing exercises - may help you.

  • Hy Toni, uselessness is not a word in my vocabulary, so maybe we can say your having a little wobble, we all have those days. But please keep pushing on your doing great, not that it's any consolation, but I use the patch method, indeed it worked in my previous quit, we all quit in a different mode so to speak.

    Just keep going, am hoping to day is better, if it isn't, please keep posting, you can indeed get through today at least smoke free.

    Doing amazingly well

  • Oh well Toni ...look at it this did not licked a smoker yet to get some taste of nicotine so you are doing excellent... Yes want to agree with Miscy...You have fed the Monster but at least you did not cave and smoke...I am feeling with you ...Stay strong and it will go away...!!!

  • 'Oh well Toni ...look at it this did not licked a smoker yet to get some taste of nicotine so you are doing excellent... ', sorry Hercu, but burst out laughing here at work reading it. People think I am now the mad ex smoker!! :D

  • I did the same but I was alone so it was ok lol ...

  • Was just so random still laughing :D

  • Thank you Miscy...Glad I could bring out more than a chuckle..Enjoy your evening !!

  • Would have loved to see that Roisen....Surely their expressions on their faces was more hilarious...They can think you are mad but we know you are a happy ex smoker !!! Have a great day...!!

  • Lick a smoker?!?!? I think you have more issues than I do right now lol, which is quite an achievement!!! 😂

  • Lick a smoker......brilliant

  • Can I ask ToniR is it a mental crave or a physical crave. The reason I ask is you said you are not really thinking about cigarettes. I'm just wondering weather it anxiety rather than craving. It is very hard to tell the difference, they do feel like the same thing. You are also around the general time people who suffer with anxiety struggle.

  • It's definitely more physical than mental, if I wanted to smoke I would have but I just have this restless hypersensitive feeling that takes away my concentration and I'm putting it down to cigarettes, maybe I'm wrong and it's something else?! You could well be right about anxiety, I have a very recent history of it and am having a really tough time at work right now (12 hour days hence the delayed reply and even stressing when I'm home from work) so maybe once that settles down I'll be ok again. My worry is that right now I'm in no danger of having a cigarette but it might not take much more to push me to the edge 🙈

  • Hey ToniR , I went through the same sort of hard time at this stage of your quit and think it quite common but may be heightened with the day to day life stressors. You can get by this, I promise, just need to dig deep for another couple of weeks, you can do it! Wishing you strength...

  • Thanks for all the replies and support! I've been reading throughout the day ( thanks for the giggle Hercu!) but no time to reply until now. Ive replied to each reply above to save you all reading an essay lol! I don't post on here very much as I'm not much of a sharer, I prefer to just get on with it, but it's nice to know you're all here when I need you 😊 Xx

  • Thank you Toni...I hate to see you suffer and glad if I could ease your suffering a little bit....Hope you have a great crave free day ....!!

  • Hey ToniR , have things calmed down for you?

  • ToniR it sounds like anxiety to me. There are some herbal remedies you can get from health shops that may help you until it settles down a bit. If you want the names of some, i can recommend ones that worked for me. If you do I will PM you.

    You are doing brilliantly well, and you did the right thing coming here for advice.

  • That's a great description of the craving Toni, and exactly how I find it to be - very similar to hunger. Maybe that's why so many people get an increased appetite when they quit?

    Hope it gets back to normal for you soon. I had a few days when the cravings came back but they disappeared again, sure yours will too.

  • Hey ToniR , how are you getting on?

  • Hi Roisin, I'm really good thanks for asking! Sorry I haven't been around much work has been crazy busy. The cravings and anxiety have settled down a bit, just ticking along nicely I guess. Had some weird smoking dreams recently and woke up with horrible taste in my mouth but was just relieved it was only a dream! I got ridiculously drunk last night and when I was stood outside with a smoker it smelt so heavenly but I'm glad even in that state I knew I didn't want to smoke even if I did crave a cigarette for the first time in ages!

  • Great to hear from you ToniR and glad to read your quit is going strong, 3 months is some milestone....

  • Congratulations on your 3 months

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