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Hi all,

Does anyone have any tips on how to prevent weight gain? I know it happens due to slowing down of the metabolism etc and people eating more. I have been power walking on average 6 miles a day but I still appear to be bloating / putting weight on even though I genuinely havnt been eating badly. I bought carrot sticks and rice cakes for when I am needing something....

Any tips welcome.

And thank you all again - I don't know what I would have done without this group!

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  • Matt...Sorry, gaining weight is one of the "side effects" of quitting I did not get...Lucky me !!

    I might have picked up a kilo but believed it to be a little muscle weight...!!!

  • Hey Matt28 - water, water and more water was my savior in the weight gain issue, I bought a water juicer bottle and used it for the first year of my quit, I actually got addicted to it - used to chop up lemon, mint and cucumber and topped it up with water throughout the day, actually started a trend at work in my previous job. Link to picture

    Also, see attached pinned post I put that may be helpful if not already read:

  • If it helps Matt28 , your not alone. I had horrible swelling of hands and feet for the first 4-5 months. Lemon water acts as a diuretic and helps a little. If it becomes unbearable talk to your Dr.

    Strength 💪

  • Oh god weight gain .....ugh. I fight weight gain all the time. All I can tell you is that it all down to food. Smoking itself only uses about 200 calories a day which is 2 slices of plain bread. Stopping smoking doesn't cause weight gain, food does. 😐

    Try logging everything you eat and drink to see what is going on. I use a free app called Fat Secret, I find it better than My Fitness Pal. You can log all your food easily. Rice cakes for example are OK but pure carbs which is turned into sugar in the body and stored as fat. If you can get brown rice cakes, get them instead.

    Exercise is fantastic but not for losing weight. Exercise can cause weight gain because you build muscle (slowly). Do not stop exercising though because it had multiple and I mean multiple, benefits.

    Hope this helps.

  • This is amazing. Thanks so much. I've downloaded that ap!

  • You can also use a calculator to work out a rough estimate of the amount of calories you need. One here:

  • Eat the same number of meals a day but halve the portions. One slice of toast instead of two, etc. Eat a bit slower and enjoy the flavour of the food more. Social eating is a bit of a trap coz it's easy to say oh, OK then, one more slice of cake. Try social coffee but keep eating at home until you are stabilised.

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