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Today I have not smoked for 13 days!

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Skyelady6 Months Smoke Free

I am utterly amazed that I've actually done it, not smoked for 13 days! Work was a breeze, in fact it was really nice to sit inside to have my breaks. On my first day back I did go outside to be with my colleagues who smoke, just sat there watching them smoke and felt nothing, I did that once. Since then I have remained with the "clean" people in the staff room in the warm and dry. I have regained some of my sense of smell, I can smell my own washing powder on my clothes now, this is something I used to smell on other non smokers but couldn't detect my own. Leads me to think I smelled of yuck. Also the smell of stale smoke on customers is overwhelming and revolting, I work in a supermarket and I sell fags so there's not a lot I can do about that. No side effects from the champix, moods are the same as before, vivid dreams are a joy and luckily my appetite has if anything decreased.

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I just hope i find it that easy! Will keep you all posted

Oh and CONGRATULATIONS on day 13 😁 x

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gggg1237 Years Smoke Free

Good for you ! Wait till you see someone who can hardly breathe, you like at them with a crazy look , at least I do !

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Well done Skyelady on 13 days smoke free!

I too detest the smell of smoke of other people and think that was my savior to never be tempted to have 'just the one'. You have so much to look forward from the newfound sense of smell, taste, appreciation of nature and your surroundings, everything looks so much clearer and cleaner smoke free. Wait till summer comes 🌺🌸🌼🌻🌞🌈🌤🌎🍁🍂🌳🌷🌹

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Mummymonster100 Days Smoke Free

Hello Skyelady, and congratulations on all these firsts.

I am glad it went well.

Please be careful tho about going outside with the smokers. I used to do that And I think it contributed to past fails. They are the people you know best and you need to know what happened next in all their ongoing dramas etc. But they still believe that those paper tubes of poison hold the key to their happiness. That is their normal.

So on the day when a customer is unspeakably rude, or a shoplifter head butts you, or your boss says you have to work on your birthday, if they are the people you turn to, it can be all too easy to slip back to the old standby.

I know I used to pride myself on not becoming a preaching self righteous ex smoker, but I was kidding myself. For me, I needed to change my habits and my mindset and keep myself safe. Maybe you are stronger. I think I Sound like a preachy ex smoker so I'm off to boil my head...

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Skyelady6 Months Smoke Free in reply to Mummymonster

Not at all Mummymonster, this is all new to me....ha ha ha. I don't go out anymore, just that one time, its too bloody rainy, windy and cold up here,I stay in the warm and read the paper. I'm coming up to 3 weeks on Wednesday and now find I can't remember being a smoker, its just so weird. I really don't miss it at all, thank goodness for champix that's all I can say, it was literally a life saver. My Husband is still smoking but, it doesn't bother me at all and he smokes in the house. All in all I think its been a success. How are you doing?

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Mummymonster100 Days Smoke Free

Oh well done you. I just stopped the Champix and it is a bit weird. Don’t want one, but the thought is there more. Really don’t think I could have managed with a smoking partner. I have found I need to keep that I have stopped in the foreground, otherwise it might seem no big deal to have one. But I don’t want one. Confused I guess. How can I still be scared I will smoke when I hate smoking and feel so lucky that I don’t seem to have got any dread diseases?

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