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Quit question


Hey everyone,

I’m 3 weeks into my journey now, all seems to be going quite well.

I’m feeling so much better in myself, waking up is easier, going to sleep is easier, have a little more energy but nothing to shout about.

The cravings still come full bore and I still have to give it some fight to get through them sometimes.

Anyway my question is this ...

my husband still smokes and some of my family smoke so I have spent time around people who are puffing away, I was expecting this to smell awful by this point but it still doesn’t, it is still smelling quite appealing, sorry to all the longer quitters who know how bad is smells 🙈.

I’m just wondering if this is an individual thing and I seem to be taking longer than the average person for it to smell bad or if it will come in time, most of my family and husband smoke tobacco roll your own which is what I used to smoke, Not cigarettes that are in the boxes so the smell isn’t as strong with a roll your own, will it start to smell really repulsive anytime soon or should it smell bad already, any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you xx

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reader20196 Months Smoke Free

Well Wifey I am almost 9 months quit and I still like the smell. That is when someone is smoking a cigarette. But when I am standing beside someone who has recently smoked a cigarette I can't stand the smell on them. So what you are experiencing is normal. Good luck

Thank you for replying to me, I thought I was abnormal on my progress, you are doing fantastic, well done, I’m looking forward to reaching milestones like you have, thank you again 😊

CocoaXChangeValued Contributor

It's not abnormal time period at all. I can't stand the smell now, but it's been 4 years. I don't really remember when that changed but it was after a year. I would think for most people, it's still alluring in the first 3 months.

Wow 3 months haha I was hoping maybe a few weeks maximum 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ 4 years is such an achievement well done

Hello. I don’t know if I should have introduced myself before but this is just my second day of not smoking. I haven’t been around anyone else that smokes yet but I did watch Ness smoking on Gavin and Stacey yesterday and that made me uneasy. I also smoked roll ups. I liked the whole process that went into filter-paper-tobacco. The best things come in threes. I am using patches which helps a lot. I like the idea of not dying from a horrible lung disease. That’s my motivation. My wife is really pleased with me. It’s about the only time I seem to have made her happy by not doing something.

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Well done for taking the step, yes initially I really struggled when I watched people smoking on my first couple of days, I did start off feeling quite jealous but that feeling soon passed, I don’t pity guys and gals who smoke though because I’m not out of the woods yet and I know how much of a terrible addiction it is, I’m happy for you that you are doing something so great and also that it makes your wife happy too, Keep going, it is one hell of a journey but each day things seem to get easier for me and I hope they do for you too, good luck with your journey

I believe it’s just the individual, cause some stinks and others smell appealing, my husband and dad and friends all smoke, sometimes I go ick and other times it makes me want one and others I run

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Ahh I suppose I’m just going to have to sit and wait it out and allow myself to either like or dislike, not too keen on box cigarettes but I didn’t like the smell of those when I was smoker however I still find the roll up cigs quite lovely smelling, even though that sounds quite odd

Yeppers, hold out, I smelt one today it smelt good and yah it took a lot not to reach for one

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Yep same here but never mind I guess it’s just part of the recovery process and I’m happy with that as long as it’s normal behaviour, I was concerned that it wasn’t so I’m glad it’s totally normal and I’m not abnormal after all haha

You got it, just hold it out

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I will thank you, you too all the best

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