Vaping does work

I had repeatedly tried to give up cigarettes but always found myself turning back to them in moments of stress. I found the most successful way of cutting out the nicotine completely was by using the drug Champix prescribed by my doctor, but after the end of the course of treatment I found the urge to smoke when under pressure too great to resist. I had tried the early versions of the Electric Cigarettes in the past but found them to be of little if any use. However, on recommendation from a friend I purchased one of the more advanced vaping machines and a stronger strength nicotine liquid, and I have now been ciggy free for three months and my health, the ability to taste, sense of smell have all improved, as well as not stinking like an old ashtray .... phew did I really smell like that? And I'm not shoving sweets, biscuits or any other high calorie comfort foods into my mouth every five minutes

I know that it is still re-enforcing my dependency upon nicotine but with the current medical research undertaken to date stating that it is 99% safer than inhaling the smoke from burning tobacco leaves I am quite happy to carry on vaping. The liquid comes in varying strengths of nicotine from 24mg down to 0mg so in time I will eventually be able to reduce my nicotine dependency slowly until I am completely nicotine free..

If like me you cant be nicotine free, You can be smoke free, try it you have nothing to loose and plenty to gain.

I just hope those bureaucratic idiots in the EU do not decide to ban the use of ecigs.

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  • Hi Graeme,

    I'm on the e-cigs as well (since 4th Jan) and have just started my nicotine countdown - 18mg to 12mg and eventually down to zero. I wouldn't have lasted more than a few days without it.

    I wouldn't be surprised if they did ban them as basically some people just don't like anything that resembles a cigarette. E-cigs have been banned from my work for no other reason than the site manager is a vehement anti-smoker.

  • Hi M8 thanks for the reply, great to hear from another successful convert and good luck with the nicotine drop

  • Nazmo.its dizzy.i found you all😆

    I'm still here.but I got problems.not wanting fag but getting cold sores.

    Is this part of stopping.

    Any advise please.

    All take care

  • Hello Dizzy, I was wondering where you were! I didn't see your name on the member list so I feared you might have relapsed. It's great to hear you're still going!

    Apparently the toxins leaving your body through pores can cause acne, cold sores and mouth ulcers. The advice is to stick it out, drink lots of water and they will go away.

    I also read that vaping can cause cold sores, from the vegetable glycerine in the e-liquid. Not sure how this could be as cold sores are caused by a virus but that's what some people are reporting. You have been using an e-cig haven't you? I do too but I've never had a cold sore in my life. I'm going to get one now aren't I? 😩

    The good news is you're not alone and, from what I have read, they should go away after a few days.

  • Hiya

    Yet not a pretty site.and I HOPE you don't get one ha.

    No still here no big cravings.just the horrible habit breaking.

    But I'm getting there.

    I'm not sure about vaping.but ive trid patches etc.

    Its working for bonus is hundred's of chemicals not going in my body.

    I'll keep vaping untill they ban it.

    Anyway nice to be in touch again with everyone

    Keep kicking

    Take care

  • I gave up smoking on 12th Nov 2012 (3 yrs, 3 mths and 6 days ago), switching to vaping and have not touched a cigarette since. That was after 35 years as a smoker. After this long the thought of smoking is completely alien to me and I feel much better for it.

    The main thing I've noticed is a dramatic drop in the number of niggly colds I used to get over winter. Since quitting I've only had 3 or 4 mild colds overall instead of 2, 3 or even 4 per winter. Also since then I've had no chest infections, whereas at least one cold would turn into a chest infection every winter. Of course I've also noticed other health benefits, such as my 'smokers cough' which completely vanished within a week or so, it was as though I had new lungs! Other things such as my sense of taste is still slowly improving after the initial big improvement straight after quitting.

    I started on 18mg nicotine fluid using a normal type clearomiser ecig, I have slowly reduced this to to 8mg as of now and the next step is down to 4mg, maybe by mixing some 8mg and 0 strength. Also I find I use the ecig much less than initially, sometimes forgetting for hours at a time, so I can see the day coming where I may just give it up and hardly notice.

    A brilliant way to quit!

  • Thanks for the positive reply Steve. The Government seem to have just realised this and made them available on prescription from your GP as part of a smoking cessation programme . However, It's a pity that they have given the go ahead to a major tobacco company to supply them. Rather than giving a voucher to use in an already established store or on line company where you would be able to get advice and tailor the nicotine strength to your needs rather than the ineffective ones that I imagine will be available.

  • Been give up over 3 months after 25 years of smoking. Am also on the vapor cig, but feel am getting bored of it. But not sure I can do without it now. So shall I try a different vaper flavour? I really don't want to smoke . Has anyone else feel like that

  • Why not give not vaping a go, but keep your vape with you just in case you feel the dreaded urge.

    At the moment I'm enjoying trying the different flavours, and buying even more advanced gizzmo's. However, I'm spending more on this than I did on the fags.

  • Hi..3 weeks today... No cigs..37 years a smoker and I don't miss them at all...vaping does work, at least for me. It does take a bit of will power but not for long and no way as much as the patches, sprays, gum, lozengers silly inhalers..I've tried them all.

    I feel all the benefits of no smoking already and will never go back...I am reducing the nicotine content...down to 11mg ...but keep a bottle of 18mg for those nights out 😁 and it really does work.

    The best thing though is that I have not suffered a full blown migraine since the day I picked up that ECig...seriously..feel so stupid for not doing this wife is awfully smug though 😉

  • Came across this tonight and thought it worth posting. It's the most recent review of all the credible research into e-cigs. There has been so much pseudo science picked up by the media on this subject that it's good to see this review involved Cochrane UK. Cochrane Reviews are completely independent and based on all of the evidence that is currently available. It probably hasn't been reported by the media as it isn't sensationalist enough but it's an unbiased status quo on the scientific attitude to e-cigs. It's very long winded so probably best to just read the 1 page Executive Summary, which gives a brief rundown of all of the findings.

  • i've quit with an e-cig too and it's getting ridiculous I get in so much trouble for vaping at college they've banned me from using it :( as it might harm other peoples health but as far as im aware it's water vapour?

  • It's unfortunate that we are still have to be regarded in the same light as when we were smokers. This is mostly due to the lack of 100% concrete evidence that vaping is totally free from harm to users and others. Some people would blame catching a cold on walking past someone vaping on the other side of the street, and some bigger idiots would believe them.

    I suppose you could always have a crafty vape round the back of the bike shed or in the loo,s, but dont blow the vapour upwards :-) as not many cubicles have a steam train in them. That's how I got caught vaping in tesco's the security guard new which aisle I was in by the clouds of steam rising up over the shelves.


  • Can anyone recommend a good e cig please, where we live there are vaping shops popping up all over, OH is really dubious as to which shops to trust etc, he is convinced some will sell fakes etc, I want to show him that vaping is a genuine alternative and come off the patches which dont really stop the hand to mouth urge

  • Hi, I would recommend the Innokin T22. It is ideal for someone just beginning as it's easy to use and has an excellent battery life, (you should be able to go all day between charges). It is available for around £20.00 or so from Amazon, and the replacement coils (which you will need to change around once a week or dependant on use) are available for around £8.00 or so for a pack of 5 also from Amazon.

    I would recommend that you visit one of the vaping shops and ask for advice as to which liquid to use with your device, as they come in a variety of strengths and flavours. Hopefully they will be able to let you sample whichever they recommend, as some do not taste exactly as they are described. Always buy a small bottle first, as sometimes you can change your mind about a flavour when you are using it all day. If you buy several flavours, clean the tank out, (easy to do following the instructions) and use a new coil with each flavour, as the old coil will still contain liquid and might not taste that good when mixed with the new. Initially new coils can sometimes take a short while to "bed in" which can also briefly affect the taste of the flavour.

    Good Luck,


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