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250 days - I have amazed myself

Hello all

I forget now to come on here, the first weeks and months it was my support, my crutch, my motivation

I go to sleep tonight and wake to the 250th day of freedom.

I feel great, free, proud, and healthier than that have done in 30 years.

I set myself a goal many months back to go back to my teenage lI've of running and on Tuesday this 47 year old smoke free, breath easy women is going to my daughters running club to prove to myself that my life is better and hearlier.

I will update you all next week - no pictures though lol

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Lovely post to read. A massive 'well done' to you. I think it is safe to say that so far you have nailed it!


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great post runmeg, delighted for you :)


Great to see you've come through the bad times and you're reaping the rewards runmeg.

Also great to hear that you're getting back into running! I love running.


Great positive post. Well done on 250 days and taking up jogging.


Sooooo...Positive and nice to read... Yes, there is life after smoking even for us touching 60 !!!


What a wonderful post to start my day.

The hard work was yours, my word your body is showing you great rewards.



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