4 months smoke free

It's been a while since my last post of which my badge was removed due to my relapse. But after that relapse, I never puffed a single cigarette and I'm at that point where I am already questioning myself "Why did I smoke in the first place?."

Anyway, I would like to share with you guys the withdrawal symptoms I felt after I quit smoking in the past months:

1. Increased food cravings. I've been eating quite a lot lately.

2. I gained about 2.2kg. Food just taste and smell so good.

3. Insomnia in the first few weeks but it was all gone after the 3rd month.

4. Sore throat in the first few weeks.

5. Teeth problems. I had severe tooth sensitivity, some of my teeth were decaying but I already managed to fix my teeth, had one teeth pulled out, did filling and whiten my teeth as well.

I still occasionally sneeze with some tar in it but it has become less and less every month.

My voice is back to normal and I can sing high notes like I used to when I was young.

What I really like about quitting is that gone are those moments when you feel the need to pause things just to smoke, or when you are in the airport that you need to locate first the smoking area, or those moments when you have to excuse yourself to go outside to smoke. I have more free time in my hands to do something else rather than smoking. Honestly, I became more productive now that I quit smoking because most of my time is focused on doing things that is helpful for my whole being.

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  • What a great achievement. Thanks for the heads up with the withdrawals. I did wonder about the sleep one. Mine is terrible.totally agree with the freedom aspect of giving up.

  • The first month is always the most challenging part but the next months will be easier. Good job on your 1st smoke free month! You can do it!!!!

  • Well done and thank you for the heads up on what we can expect during our quit.

  • what a positive post,

    I had things on the list but my main thing was mouth ulcers lots of them and blooming headaches,

    everyone is different,but we can all win 🏆

    take care 😊

    keep kicking 😎

  • Thanks for your honesty watchinangga and congrats on 4months! Am a bit behind you. Sometimes i toy with the idea of trying one ??? Stupidly! Its not even a cravig just some past rebellious or trying to beat the addictive system am not sure. Very thankful for pur badges bc i dont want to lose mine so i wont. Would you mind telling about your relapse and how long it took to get back on quit? May help stop this mind game in my head. You know the "just one" nonsense.

  • Thanks for your comment.

    Well, about my relapse I felt so terrible when that puff happened. Wanting to have a puff was always in my mind that time and when I finally gave in to that puff, I felt so bad and I suddenly regret why I did that. But you know what, that relapse made me realize I don't like the taste of cigarettes anymore in my mouth and it made me realize I'm not gonna waste the weeks that I have successfully stopped. I couldn't see myself going back again to the old habit. I tried many times to quit for the past years in my life but this time, that single puff didn't make me decide to be back at it again. The decision will definitely come from you. If you give in to that temptation, you know you will feel bad afterwards and I never wanted to feel that way ever again. Besides, why would I go back to doing something I already know has done a lot of damage in my life?

    The most important thing I always think of is that this thing (quit smoking) was by far the biggest achievement I've ever done to love myself.

  • That " biggest achievement ive ever done to love myself" is exactly what i needed to hear. I havent yet felt better from quit bc of other health problems perhaps. Also ive gained a lot of weight so cant move as well. I just want to feel better and maybe my inner talk is making me think this wasnt worth it & id feel better if i smoked. Am sure this sounds ridiculous as i write it so maybe am just depressed over health stuff. Reading the loving yourself part so helps me because it IS what we are doing. Maybe i never learned how to do that. Your words make me feel more positive that yes thats what we are doing...finally it makes sense what that means! Thank you so much!!

  • "I just want to feel better and maybe my inner talk is making me think this wasnt worth it & id feel better if i smoked. Am sure this sounds ridiculous as i write it so maybe am just depressed over health stuff."

    Exsmo - I promise what you are feeling above is no way ridiculous and perfectly normal - it is the Mr Nicodemon trying to get you back and messing with your head, he will do this on and off and out of the blue throughout our journeys but as we progress, the stronger we become to deal with it and shrug it off. Continue to take it one day at a time, it will really help you, just embrace each day....

    Remember too, we are nearing the end of the most depressing and longest month of the year but, the good news, the evenings are getting longer and spring is coming...

    Will leave you with the most common Irish phrase at this time of the year which I have said multiple times this week

    "T'is a grand stretch in the evenings" :)

  • Dsmn that Nicodemon! Very good to know Roiison. Thank you. It IS messing with me & it would be nice if i could literally KICK it. That woukd make me feel better. Ha. Well i luv the irish phrase & joy that winter is not forever.

    Your reply did not come up in my notificiations🤔 Makes me wonder what others i may have missed. Other thsn checking thru every post is there any other eag to see who responded besides notifications? I dont wsnt to miss any.

  • Just go to your settings under your profile and tick what you want notifications on via email, if replying to a lot of posts though, it can get ALOT of emails though and also the notification bell icon can be highlighted but missed if multiple replies to posts therefore multiple notification alerts and more difficult to keep a track on, if that makes sense Exsmo

  • Yes it does Roisin O1. Hope you know how much we appreciate you. Was on another site (thought i was on this one and people were getting kicked off for opinions and it really was not a comfortable caring place like this). You are patient ,kind and so knowledgrable to help us.

    You are a remarkable person to help us like you do.

    Thanks for being you!

  • I'm glad that somehow I helped you feel more positive of what we are doing. I am also gaining a lot of weight and I feel terrible about it but this is just a phase that we go through to better ourselves. I gained almost 5 kg (which included the heavy eating during the holidays), from the time I quit up to present but slowly I am now losing 1kg at a time and will continue to strive hard to lose all the weight I gained from munching on all the junk foods I was craving. Always look at the positive side and I've never been this happy with how I am loving myself...and I know you can do it. It's always a work in progress.

  • So very true. I started smoking to lose weight. Will just have to grit my teeth & bear it (the weight ) as sm trying to lose. Had a horrible episode last night from eatig salads last week. Feel like abdomin is torn from hip up into ribs. Back to the drawing board on what gives nutrition that is also diet that my body will digest.

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