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118 Days and 1,400 cigs NOT SMOKED!!

taurean72 Years Smoke Free

Feeling good, breathing easy, tasting and smelling everything, and putting on some weight (good thing for skinny me). I've got energy to burn now instead of my money going up in smoke. No more trying to hide a hacking cough or worrying if I smelt like an ashtray. I have my life back. What more could I ask for?

I started my quit determined but very unsure if I had it in me to actually do it after smoking so long. Champix helped alot by reducing the cravings, but it is this forum that has been my lifeline. Reading about other's journeys and being able to reach out for advise and support is what has really kept me going. Huge thanks to everyone!

For those early on in their quits: keep going! It does get easier and it is so worth it.

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Where's the love button! Well done taurean7, delighted for ya :)

Great positive and inspiring post especially for our members early on in their journey.

PS Apologies for only giving your 100 day badge now, missed it! I shined it extra bright for you :)

taurean72 Years Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Thanks Roisin (for the badge and for getting me here), it's sooo shiny!!!

HercuValued Contributor

Amazing Taurean...You nailed this one...Very well done and surely an excellent post..!!

rose0012 Years Smoke Free

Well done Taurean you are doing fantastic xx


jobm11 Year Smoke Free

Love this so much!! Well done!!! ❤️

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