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Second time lucky

Hi everyone. I am not new to this site thought my previous username is now a user/number one as old so I re registered. I quit on 31/05/14 and started again on 15/07/16. Problems at home and stress were the main factors BUT I feel I never disliked the smell of smoking and could have easily smoked again at any point, though during my two year quit I didn't often think about or want to smoke it's surprisingly easy to start again. On the day I started again I bought a tiny pack of tobacco - to just smoke that!

17 months later and I am now on day 37 of a new quit and going through all the horrible side effects of quitting, again. Was it worth it - NO it wasn't!

This time I will keep my guard up. I guess we are never non smokers and must always treat it like the addiction it is, too easy to slide back into. Much like alcoholics, ex smokers must never have just one puff as it will inevitably lead to one cigarette, one packet, I'll stop tomorrow etc.........

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hi nics104

its good you are here,we should never stop trying to give up.

it took me and many others several times.

I can understand how you started again,a few time I thought what's the point,

then I think of health,wealth,and remember standing out in cold,leaving my freinds to go outside,etc

you can do this,you already know you can.

be strong,

take care 😊

keep kicking 😎

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Nics...That is why I see myself as a smoker who don't smoke anymore..This addiction is never cured....but we can live without it...If we want to...!

Yes, I never want to go through that hell again...!!

Complacency is our biggest enemy and therefore we must adopt the NOPE strategy..

Stay strong and keep us posted..!!

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A warning for us not to get blasé about the whole thing. I haven't smoked for over two years but I know how easy it is to start again. In a previous quit I started smoking again after 6 months; completely out of the blue; just when I was thinking I had settled as an ex-smoker.

Sorry to see you back here nics104 but at least you'll help to keep people (like me) on their toes.

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Huge welcome back to our community nics104 and well done on getting back on the horse and 37 days smoke free, that is great!

You know what you have to do and appear to be in a great mindset which will stand to you. Post anytime and don't feel alone, we have had several members that relapsed after a long period of time smoke free and now very successfully well back on their journeys again.

Thank you for your replies. It's unlikely I will post again as I use a different forum now, just wanted to update really. Good luck all of you on your quits.

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