I'm at a stage with my quit that is hard for me to tackle. With going through the withdrawal process I've found for me that I feel like I've been sick the whole time and I'm very tired. I think to myself why am I putting myself through this? Why not just have a smoke and let all that horrible pain go away. It would be so easy and far less painful.

Then I think OMG all the pain, the being sick, tired, not being able to concentrate what has this smoking been doing to my body. How sick must my body and mind be. To think that sitting there just doing what I have always done since I can remember, what it is doing to my body. Why would I ever think of having a smoke again. To feel this bad still after 1 month is shocking and who knows how long it will take before I start to feel better in my body and mind.

So every day as well as feeling physically sick I have to battle the mental sickness of the withdrawals. Oh how easy it would be just to light up a smoke and feel " NORMAL "

Don't be so bloody stupid how bad must it be for you if it can make you feel this bad for this long.

Then I think about my awesome family and life and remember why I quit.

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  • Great post Trem and an inspirational last line. 

    Keep going and I'm sure you will start to feel better. It stands to reason that you're not polluting yourself with crap anymore so all of that crap will eventually work its way out of you. Having a cig after this long won't make you feel any better anyway and will probably make you feel dizzy and did to me anyway.

    Your bottom line is THE bottom line; the important stuff, the reason why you keep on going.

    Hope this helps and hope you feel better soon.

  • Trem , yes Jenny, you are in the thick of the mental battle, which is very tough especially doing it cold turkey, as said in the previous post earlier today, the body and brain has to re-wire and recover after years of putting 4,000 toxic chemicals into our bodies, but, good news, it will get better soon, another trait vital for our quits is

    PATIENCE!   The body is a great healer but is a gradual process.   I too thought I should feel and be on the top of the world as soon as I quit but it doesn't work that way, I actually started listening to one my favourite songs of all time, it is a great love song but listened to it at your stage of my quit with the smokes in mind...nobody knew that until now so keep it yourself!!! :D

    The song is Patience by Guns n' Roses.....

  • Thank you both very much. I have never really been good with patience. Looks like my next learning curve on my quit journey. Just wish it wouldn't take so long lol 

  • Trem, you have done the worst part, the first month.

    Our body and minds take awhile to heal but they will for the most part. This is certainly more of a mental battle. Which does take time and training. We have been programing our brains for years when we need to smoke. Until we could do it on auto pilot. Now at the moment it is taking a concuss effect to not smoke. This will become the norm, soon.

    I have been quit for over 2 years now and rarely get any thoughts anymore. It does happen. Just keep going forward and don't look back. You can do this. 😉

  • Welcome welshgirl84 , WOW, over 2 years smoke free, that is amazing!   Thanks for sharing your experience with us. :)

  • WOOHOO thanks welshgirl84 i can do this 😠

  • Oh my little self, would just like to  say,,of course, and without doubt, you are going to experience, little traumas, now and again, but with time, it will pass .

    For me at least, we live and die, soooo lets be here as long as we can. , I can truly say, the longer you quit, the better life is.

    Just keep going, your quitting, is thanking you every day.

    That is indeed fantastiv

  • Maybe I'm missing something here or reading your message wrong Trem, but are you experiencing physical pain and actual vomiting since you've quit??  Because if so, as far as I recall, those are not usual withdrawal symptoms - feeling generally crappy and not yourself yes, pain and vomiting no.  If this is indeed the case you should probably visit your gp to get checked over.  Either way, smoking at this point will not help you.

  • Actually, that's a point miscy ....

    Trem, you're not using NRT are you? I know we have already had one nicotine poisoning on here because of the wrong dosage.

    Stomach pain and vomiting are some of the symptoms...

  • Hey miscy and Nozmo , as far as I am aware and from previous posts  Trem  was hypnosis and is doing it cold turkey and has been having a rough ride of it with physical withdrawals, flu, mouth problems etc..., think like I was and seems to be a thing doing  it cold turkey, it is just generally feeling quite unwell for the first couple of months.....

  • Thanks RoisinO1, generally feeling unwell (including quitters flu and mouth problems) is typical of most quits regardless of method but with all due respect, "Then I think OMG all the pain, the being sick, "  -that is not typical.

    I also know from experience that smoking can mask/hide various medical conditions and anything out of the ordinary should be checked out by someone medically qualified.

  • Maybe Nozmo and yourself miscy have a very good point and should be checked out, my interpretation was not literally physically being sick (vomiting) or in pain (more emotional).   Definitely Trem if it is physically being sick and in actual pain, perhaps you should get checked out...

    PS Was not intentional to highlight cold turkey is the only method where you experience this, just for me, it was really bad, every week I seemed to have a new complaint from literally being a mad woman and becoming OCD and thinking I was dying anyway from quitting so just might aswell smoke....if it wasn't for this forum and my hubby I would not be almost 8 months smoke free today :)

  • I've lost many a quit attempt from turning into a mad woman lol ... almost ended a relationship one time and another one was memorably lost after I found a tissue in the wash ... it was the end of the world for me and I literally sobbed my heart out in the kitchen - scared the crap outta the kids lol ...

    Seriously though I do hope I've misinterpreted Trem's words and all is well.  But far better to be safe than sorry.

  • Thanks Roisin, just checking in case it was another issue with the patches.

  • Ah I hear ya!  No probs, hopefully it isn't.....

  • No problems here, my pain is all in my head. The demon telling me to smoke and the angel saying no don't. I have seen my doctor as I have had nerve surgery on my dominant left hand to restore 3 compressed nerves in 2011. All good there as the problem is it's starting to get cold in Australia and my circulation returning to normal. I just in general feel blur. Thanks for All your concerns

  • Good to hear Trem.  Sounds like your arguing with yourself and I know from experience that can lead to anxiety and headaches!  Easier said that done but try to stop the argument before it starts - acknowledge that yes you would quite like a smoke right now but you don't do that any more so 'devil' kindly shut up. Then try to distract yourself. Your brain will get the message eventually.

  • Hi Trem...Sorry I am 20 hours late but what you have described I have experienced !!!

    I smoked for 38 years and all was fairly well and after I stopped I had Pains and cramps and lost my sparkle and whole Zest for life was gone....

    And then Just one day I decided to attack this Nicodemon and not just try and defend all this horrible attacks on me... Started to supplement with herbal supplements and up the Vitamin intake, take on projects and whalla, there was light at the end of the tunnel and it was not a train coming...So stay strong and fight it through..!!

  • I think you just explained it all. I am feeling exactly like you both, I think your right time to grab this bull by the horns. Wish me luck it's like a light just turned on

    Thanks to you all 

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