Hi Everyone!

I posted this to the other site, I joined today and was informed it was a bad day to post it there due to the move! Well here it is again.

Last year I decided to make a lifestyle change. On new years day 2015, I decided it was time to focus on myself. My main goals for the new year were to lose weight and quit smoking. I picked up playing hockey again and eating healthier around March. By August I had dropped 30 pounds (pretty much all the weight I had put on in college). On Halloween I was at a party and woke up not feeling too good. I decided it was time to stop smoking. I had one cigarette on November 1st, two on November 2nd and ZERO November 3rd. That is the day I truly quit. I did not think it was possible. I started smoking when I was 17 and stopped two months before I turned 27. I honestly have never felt better in my life. I have so much energy and confidence that it is amazing. I no longer smell like an ash tray or am worried about who I am offending by smoking. For me, I just quit cold turkey. It sucked at first, but after a month or two I no longer have those deep cravings. Do I still think about it? Sure. Do I ever want to smoke again? No. I try my best every day to focus on things other than a cigarette. I wish I found this forum when I first quit but I am happy I am here now. It is good to be surrounded by people (even if it is on the internet) who are sharing the same struggles. Thank you!

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  • Glad you made it across!

  • Thank you! I am glad to be here.

  • Welcome Reggie to our new home here and our house warming party!!

    Congratulations on reaching over 4 months (?) Look forward to reading your progress.....

  • Hi all

    Dizzy here.now thin Lizzy.

    Trying to find my way around.

    Seen lots of names.

    All still on track.

    Look forward to sharing

    All take care

  • yeah, Dizzy, delighted to see you on here, cool new name, are you a fan?

  • Yes..back jn the day I saw thin Lizzy several times.as I did see Rainbow.


    Rush.many more.

    Are you a fan.

    And yes I do have leathers and my hubby has moterbike.

  • OMG Dizzy, sooo jealous, would have loved to have seen Thin Lizzy!

    Seen AD/DC here in Ireland 3 times, amazing live!

    Back in my day was more a doc martin, leggings and either Metallica or Pantera T-shirt girl, great memories!!

  • Roisin.

    I think I may have a few years on you.

    I do love rock.cant think which concert was best.ELO had a great light show.

    Meat laof is awesome.

    More upto date green day.2 times in one year.one time Joan jet supporting.

    Now I know Metallica.but please educate me on T.shirt girl.

  • Roisin

    I forgot to ask what's your favourite Lizzy song

    I think mine is Black Rose.but I did name my daughter Sarah after song.

    Or for fun.got to give it up.(stoping smoking)

    Ha .thanks for memory making.

  • It would have to be "Boys are back in town" or "Whiskey in the jar", they remind me so much of my teenage years, love your choices too!

    For about 3 years of my teenage years listening to rock / metal all I wore was the docs, leggings and whatever t-shirt that I traveled up to Dublin to buy in the Virgin Mega store after saving my money every couple of months!

    My first concert was GnR's at Slane! Wow, it was amazing!

  • Boys are back in town.excellent song.whisky in the jar boy.yeah

    Were not thinking of stoping smoking.were busy reminiscing.grate times.

    Lets look forward to a clean.healthy future without the dreded smoking.

    Take care

  • You said it! Great times alright, would have been even better not wasting money on buying the auld smokes!

  • Yet

    We wasted or I have wasted so much time and money on smoking.

    Now at 54 I know its time to stop.

    I think you all on here are brilliant at wanting to stop and helping others.

    I find it very helpful here and I do belief you all have helped me stop smoking.

    I was 15 when I started.what a stupid thing to do.

    All take care.

  • How are you getting on Reggie?

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