No Smoking Day
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Hi Everyone!

I posted this to the other site, I joined today and was informed it was a bad day to post it there due to the move! Well here it is again.

Last year I decided to make a lifestyle change. On new years day 2015, I decided it was time to focus on myself. My main goals for the new year were to lose weight and quit smoking. I picked up playing hockey again and eating healthier around March. By August I had dropped 30 pounds (pretty much all the weight I had put on in college). On Halloween I was at a party and woke up not feeling too good. I decided it was time to stop smoking. I had one cigarette on November 1st, two on November 2nd and ZERO November 3rd. That is the day I truly quit. I did not think it was possible. I started smoking when I was 17 and stopped two months before I turned 27. I honestly have never felt better in my life. I have so much energy and confidence that it is amazing. I no longer smell like an ash tray or am worried about who I am offending by smoking. For me, I just quit cold turkey. It sucked at first, but after a month or two I no longer have those deep cravings. Do I still think about it? Sure. Do I ever want to smoke again? No. I try my best every day to focus on things other than a cigarette. I wish I found this forum when I first quit but I am happy I am here now. It is good to be surrounded by people (even if it is on the internet) who are sharing the same struggles. Thank you!

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Glad you made it across!


Thank you! I am glad to be here.


Welcome Reggie to our new home here and our house warming party!!

Congratulations on reaching over 4 months (?) Look forward to reading your progress.....


Hi all

Dizzy thin Lizzy.

Trying to find my way around.

Seen lots of names.

All still on track.

Look forward to sharing

All take care


yeah, Dizzy, delighted to see you on here, cool new name, are you a fan?

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Yes..back jn the day I saw thin Lizzy several I did see Rainbow.


Rush.many more.

Are you a fan.

And yes I do have leathers and my hubby has moterbike.

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OMG Dizzy, sooo jealous, would have loved to have seen Thin Lizzy!

Seen AD/DC here in Ireland 3 times, amazing live!

Back in my day was more a doc martin, leggings and either Metallica or Pantera T-shirt girl, great memories!!

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I think I may have a few years on you.

I do love rock.cant think which concert was best.ELO had a great light show.

Meat laof is awesome.

More upto date green day.2 times in one time Joan jet supporting.

Now I know Metallica.but please educate me on T.shirt girl.



I forgot to ask what's your favourite Lizzy song

I think mine is Black Rose.but I did name my daughter Sarah after song.

Or for to give it up.(stoping smoking)

Ha .thanks for memory making.


It would have to be "Boys are back in town" or "Whiskey in the jar", they remind me so much of my teenage years, love your choices too!

For about 3 years of my teenage years listening to rock / metal all I wore was the docs, leggings and whatever t-shirt that I traveled up to Dublin to buy in the Virgin Mega store after saving my money every couple of months!

My first concert was GnR's at Slane! Wow, it was amazing!

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Boys are back in town.excellent song.whisky in the jar boy.yeah

Were not thinking of stoping smoking.were busy reminiscing.grate times.

Lets look forward to a clean.healthy future without the dreded smoking.

Take care


You said it! Great times alright, would have been even better not wasting money on buying the auld smokes!

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We wasted or I have wasted so much time and money on smoking.

Now at 54 I know its time to stop.

I think you all on here are brilliant at wanting to stop and helping others.

I find it very helpful here and I do belief you all have helped me stop smoking.

I was 15 when I started.what a stupid thing to do.

All take care.


How are you getting on Reggie?


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