Almost at the 3 week mark

Hi all, just thought I would update you all on my progress. what a mad couple of weeks its been but deffo worth it. at the beginning my motivation was money, health etc but now my main motivation is simply that I couldn't smoke ever as I don't think I would want to go through this again should I decide to quit again! I feel free of smoking now. I don't feel like it controls my day etc.

One of the best things I have found is that I took myself and my other half out for dinner and was able to pay for the whole meal and drinks with my no smoking money without having to touch my bank card - how amazing.

I have felt very run down, tired and sick all week having to go home early on Monday and slept all day and night. I associate every wee symptom with withdrawls and my body cleaning itself and ridding itself of toxins etc. but today I realised that on Sunday I changed the nicotine patch brand (same mg etc) as my usual one was sold out. I genuinely believe that this patch I am using at the moment is the reason I am feeling so terribly. Did anyone else find this? ever since sunday (when I bought them) I just havnt felt right.

I would deffo recommend anyone to quit. its weird even at my most hardest times I have NEVER thought "I would love a cigarette." I will never smoke again - and that is a lovely feeling. I am just riding the quitting wave and taking one day at a time but over all I feel very proud. it will be 3 weeks on Saturday and some (non smokers) may not think this is a long time but to me its so long and a great achievement!

I would notice an improvement in my smell. I feel this sicky feeling is masking the other benefits and once it goes I know ill feel more benefits!

Heres to us guys, for taking that step and hopefully living a longer and healthier life. This support group has really helped me as anytime ive been struggling ive posted on this and your feedback has been great and really helped me!

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  • Welldone matt28 your well on your journey of a none smoker , time will flyby before you know it you'll have thousands of pounds in your bank 💴💵💵 I've saved around £1300 up to now goodluck and enjoy the fresh air 👍

  • That's amazing!! Well done to you too!

  • Well done Matt, glad to see you're starting to enjoy the benefits.

  • amazing news Matt, I'm just hitting the two week mark soon, and I am inspired by you! You will have plenty more nights out now with your savings or even a nice holiday abroad!! Keep going your doing brilliantly!

  • Way to go!

  • Oh I LOVE reading this!!! Beautiful and so inspirational. It's lovely to be here with you Matt and all the other supportive and gentle souls :) happy quitting and bloomin WELL DONE!!! :)

  • What a lovely thing to say! Thank you so much!

  • :) all true

  • Hey Matt, good to read things are improving and you are starting to see some of the MANY benefits, there is so much more to come :)

    I think you should amend your post from "my main motivation is simply that I couldn't smoke ever as I don't think I would want to go through this again should I decide to quit again!" to "as I will never quit again!" You are in this for the long haul now, I promise, you will start to feel alot better soon (don't know much about the patches but if getting worse maybe check with the chemist or the leaflet on side affects, also, make sure you are not overdosing on the nicotine as I remember one of my past work colleagues overdosed on the levels and felt really sick and drained as you are describing).

    Plan that night out for your 1 month milestone coming very soon :)

  • Thanks for this! This is such a great support group. Don't feel alone in this and always get good feedback and advice!

  • Great achievement and it is just one day at a time, uour mind seems to be in the right place for great success

  • Thanks Tracey! How are you getting on?

  • To be honset i find myself struggling somewhat the last week or so but still going strong.....only 4 days to reach that penthouse:) i will keep a spot for you

  • Great attitude. You will get there. Well done.

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