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Emma198201 Year Smoke Free


I have been taking champix for 11 days and have been smoke free 4 7 days but I am struggling with extreme nausea in the evenings to the point that I believe I will b sick does any1 have any advice that could help me as I really don’t want to stop taking them as they help but I really can’t take the nausea for much longer 😩

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Huge welcome to our community Emma19820 and congratulations on 1 week smoke free, well done!

I stopped cold turkey over 2 years ago so don't have champix experience but we have many members here that have successfully stopped with it and are over their 1 and 2 year milestone.

I created a pinned post with help on the nausea as very common side effect (link below)

Also, I have read others half the tablet their afternoon/evening dosage (I think!). I'm sure someone with champix experience will be along soon to give you more advice...

We look forward to reading your progress :)

taurean72 Years Smoke Free

Hi Emma19820 and welcome. I'm a champix quitter and you have my sympathy with the nausea. Try and take it after a full meal. I never had nausea with evening pill, but frequently with morning pill. I just cut out the am pill and that worked for me. Others have halved their dose, many find dry toast and a glass of water works. Hope some of this helps.

Rachy741Valued Contributor

Hi Emma,

I also take champix, on day 21, and can definitely sympathize with the nausea problem!! I really thought I would have to stop.. I have just settled into the routine that works best for me. I take the morning between 11.30 and 12 noon, and the evening between 8.30 and 9pm. I always take it about half way through whatever I am eating.. It might be just me but I find if I continue eating after it I don't feel sick anymore!I had to tinker with the system a bit but eventually it settled and now I never feel nauseous.

I think as well that at around 14days your body gets used to the drug and you naturally start to feel a bit better.

Sorry I'm rambling a bit, dunno if any of this helps but hang in there!!

JodiG2 Years Smoke Free

Hey Emma! The nausea really sux. I had it for the full 3 months of taking Champix... Just hang in there. Besides the continuous nausea, this is truly a magic pill. I am now 9 months nicotine free. You got this :)

take it on full stomach

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Meei

Welcome to our community Meei, have you begun your smoke free journey yet with champix, perhaps create a new introductory post sharing your story when you get a chance....?

HercuValued Contributor

Hi Emma...Welcome.....I feel your "pain"...I was a Champix quitter and I had "that" and learned to live with it...Surely not easy...Had my moments where it was to much but 90% of the time bearable..Cut out the one that is the worst and see how it progresses...Taking it on a ful stomach definately works...

I wish you all the strenght and good luck on this exciting journey...!!

Mirosa1 Year Smoke Free

Make sure that you eat plenty of food before you take it. That's wht i do.


Karina123Valued Contributor

Hi Emma taking the tablet only with big meals is very important if you are already doing that then try taking a nausea pill the first weeks ..Another idea is to try the other quitting medication i wish I could remember the name but you should ask doctor of course !


How is things now Emma19820 - did you try any of the suggestions?

Emma198201 Year Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Hi I spoke with the nurse that I c every week and she agreed that taking 1 was the better option thank u 4 the help and I’m now 10 days smoke free and going strong 😀

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Emma19820

Well done on 10 days, your next badge will be at your first big milestone of 1 month, start planning that treat!! :P

Hope things improve for you with the new option, keep us posted :)

Hi Emma,

Congrats on a week of smelling nice! I too am on Champix, day 11 for me. I always drink a full pint of water within 10 minutes of taking mine (I'm a slow drinker!), as recommended by my quit smoking nurse and I've never struggled with nausea this way (I did once but I only had a sip to take the pill).

I take the morning one at 8 and my evening one at 5.

Hope you find a routine that works!!

Emma198201 Year Smoke Free in reply to Royoraf

Thank u I will give this a try

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