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Champix advise/journey


Hello! After so many failed attempts I have given champix a try. I am on day 8 of taking the pill, it has been almost 42 hours since my last cigarette.Today for thé first time I had some nausea after the night pill (first day on the double dose) ans had some crazy/funny dreams the past week.

Anyone can share some champix advise?

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Anncarson9 Months Smoke Free

All I can say is it does work - I was fine on single dose but the night dose kept me awake a lot. Everyone is different & have differing side effects. I stopped the night dose after 10 weeks & completely after 11. I am now just over 8 months smoke free after 50 years of smoking - so stick with it & good luck 😉

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Wow thank you so much for your reply . It is very inspiring to see that long term smokers like me were able to kick the addiction and habit! How does it feel after 8 months? I relapsed several times at months 6...

reader20196 Months Smoke Free

I also quit with champix. I only took the morning pill, half the dosage. A few of my friends also used champix and they only used half the dosage. Also for nausea make sure you take the pill with food. I found my stomach was upset in the morning so I munched on crackers. I smoked for forty years and have been quit for nine months. Good luck.

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Thank you for your reply . It helps a lot to see that champix helped after so many years of smoking . Today was a bit rough but it passed ...

I am on week 8 of champix and still getting strong cravings for my ecig taking nicorette gum aswel to help , really hoping it gets easier and I can do it

HercuValued Contributor

Hi Ummalul

Champix works....If you wants it to it worked for me after 38 years of 60 a day smoking....I will be smoke free in 2 months time for 5 years and never touched a cigarette after my 12th day on Champix...

Yes there is the Nausea and a couple of dreams and that "Blah" feeling but it is so rewarding and worth it when you can "breath without the wheeze"

Stick to it and as long as you remember Champix does not make you stop but only helps you to stop you will stop because you want to....!

Strongs !!

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I really want to quit ... and I really don’t want to touch one ever again. Thank you for your feedback , make me stronger and totally agree I am ready to take nausea, frustration and weird dreams for a while and kick this very nasty addiction.

Hi, I'm on week 8...delighted with myself! This is my second time to do Champix, it didnt work the first time as I used a nicorette spray too, found out later that I was only reminding my body of how much I liked nicotene and champix will only truly work on a nicotine free body! so Dont use a nicotine replacement !!I find the sickness isn't so bad if I take it about 9pm with toast.and the vivid dreams are few and far between! Keep it up and finish the full course even if you feel you dont need to! You'll have a better chance an quitting for good!(so I told from a previous 30 a day smoker!) Best of luck!

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