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Extreme vomiting/nausea with champix

Apple110906 Months Smoke Free

Hi all, I’m 19 days smoke free today and I’m on my last day of the starter champix medication.

I had been going pretty well with the nausea management through most of it but there had been a couple of times where it made me throw up a lot... and last night had to of been the worst experience of it for me as it resulted in not only vomiting every last thing out of my stomach but also a nose bleed and some ... slight leakage oh who am I kidding I basically pissed myself throwing up it was that bad...

I was embarrassed obviously but I felt horrible but so much better afterwards. It only happened literally minutes after taking the tablet. Has anybody else had that similar problem of the instant effects of it? All I can say is I am so glad that I’m up to the last day of it. I feel like the night ones hit me the worst I don’t know why.

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nancynancy9 Months Smoke Free

did you eat before you took it once i forgot to eat and threw up i finished 1 3 month coarse now im on a second but i was sick first 2 weeks alot

nancynancy9 Months Smoke Free in reply to nancynancy

im axtually like 150 days smoke free

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to nancynancy

See pinned post below nancynancy on the milestone badges for your information - well done on 150 days!


Apple110906 Months Smoke Free in reply to nancynancy

Yes I had eaten a big meal maybe 10 minutes before I took the tablet. And wow good job! Proud as!!!

HercuValued Contributor

Apple.... Welcome...and know that feeling and truly feel with you....That embracing the throne until you feel the next thing coming will be your stomach...But if you can push through it is amazing on the other side...I am living bit more than 3 years smoke free with the initial aid of Champix...with the emphasis on living...!!

It is worth the suffering and only gets better and better...

Try and complete the total 12 week prescription...!!!

Stay strong...!

Apple110906 Months Smoke Free in reply to Hercu

My doctor said that I only need the first course and I’m now 20 days smoke free today :) I finished the course so now just gotta keep up with not smoking

Lynds19746 Months Smoke Free in reply to Apple11090

Contgrats! I'm on day 7 :) I took Champix as well (and still am)... I might only take it for another week though. I've been lucky and I've only had a few symptoms such as nausea and upset pains in my stomach. The most important part is that we are SMOKE FREE! It's so nice not to stink anymore! LOL

I know how you feel. Some days I found it harder to make myself take the Champix than not smoke! I found the morning ones had me running to the bathroom and the night ones not quite so bad. I suppose we all react differently. I finished the 12 week course three weeks ago and am going through the cold turkey now. But I know from past attempts I would never have got this far without the Champix. My husband can't understand what the problem is - he has never smoked and has no clue how hard it is to give up. Thank god for this forum! Keep up the good work :-)

Apple110906 Months Smoke Free in reply to LizzieQ

Yeah definitely had the struggle taking the tablets after a few days it got harder and harder to take but worth it I guess


Welcome Apple11090 - congratulations on over 1 week smoke free! Well done!

The nausea is a common side effect from champix, below is a pinned post on tips to help with it worth a read if not already done so:


As advised in the replies, it is important to complete the full 12 week dosage. We look forward to reading your progress :)

Apple110906 Months Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

I know it is necessary but my doctor says that I won’t be needing any further

Apple110906 Months Smoke Free in reply to Apple11090

I’m actually 20 days smoke free today :) nearly a month

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Apple11090

Good for you Apple11090 - your next milestone badge will be at 1 month, plan that wee treat for yourself :P

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to RoisinO1

1 month smoke free now Apple11090 - how are you getting on, hope you have a wee treat lined up for yourself :P

mabelman6 Months Smoke Free

I felt really sick too from Champix, I would have to sit for a few hours after taking it (with food) because if I moved around I would throw up. I have been smoke free for only 17 days and gave up champix 12 days from my quit date. I thought to myself that the nicotine is now expelled from my body so the worse is over. I know the cravings will be there for years to come but that is where will power kicks in. I smoked for 30 years and gave up smoking 3 times and that was when I was pregnant, so I know I can quit this time, if I want too. I would ask your doctor to cut you pill in half, maybe the dosage is too high for your system. Champix can affect everyone differently. Good luck hope you start to feel better.

Apple110906 Months Smoke Free in reply to mabelman

I ended up finishing the first pack and staying smoke free :) I’m all good now, I did miss a few days but kept keeping up afterwards at least I finally got there in the end

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