I smoked for thirty, yes, thirty years. Today I have been smoke free for 5 weeks and 2 days, but who is This week for some reason has been harder, then the first few. I had the sweats, bad headaches, nausea, and a persistent tickle in my throat, especially during/after I eat, which is followed by clearing my throat, it also feels, at times that someone has their hands around my throat choking me, then I catch myself clinching my teeth....and lets not forget about my nerves are shot to hell. With all of this going on, I REFUSE to give in...Any help, advice?

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  • All that will pass your on a roll 5 weeks that's great it took 30 years to get the addiction you have from the 4000 chemicals in a smoke Don't give in to that drag off a cigarette the farther away you get from them the easer it gets for you trust me 40 plus years smoking like its the end of the world you got this. Dp338 one year smoke free. Thanks all good luck

  • LAD,,, Welcome and huge congrats on your 5+ weeks quit....I Took this feelings you are experiencing as the "Wrath of the nicodemon"..He knows he is loosing you...Push through...This is the time to attack...

    I supplemented with herbal supplements and helped me over the edge...Can not name it due to forum policy but you will find some on the internet if you search herbal supplements when quit smoking..!!

    Strongs and remeber NOPE !!!!

  • Welcome to our community LAD123456 and congratulations on over 5 weeks smoke free, well done!

    What you are experiencing at the moment is perfectly normal and will pass and improve - I am over 2 years stopped now and still get that tickle in the throat which was very bad at the same stage as you are - for the first 6 months I took a spoonful of honey(raw if possible) in the morning and night to help the cilia hairs in your lungs and throat repair and regrow and to vaporize with Eucalyptus oil when needed to assist clearing out the lungs - lots of water, fruit and veg and a little walk everyday to clear the head.

    Below is a link to some pinned posts worth a read if not already done so. Remember your body and mind is working very hard to rewire, repair and recover, but the remarkable thing is that it will recover. We look forward to reading your progress, keep in touch :)

  • Walk run ride a bike. drink warm honey and lemon Add ginger teramac cinnamon. Eat good stay off the sweets work out sweat a lot drink lots of water. Stay bizzy. 30 years is a long time to be trained to smoke every waking moment and event. your winning you got the hard part out of the way

  • How are you getting on now LAD123456 ?

  • Well, this week has been tough, but I am hanging in there. I keep telling myself that I am stronger than that red pack of crap that I was paying over $7.50 for everyday.

  • But the only thing that concerns me is when I get a tiny piece of food stuck in my throat. I don't know if it is really there or if it is a feeling. Last night I ate pizza with no problem, today at lunch I had a few pieces of cheese and immediately felt that I have something caught in my throat feeling. Now all I am doing is clearing my throat. I am trying to ignore it, I know it started when I stopped smoking, but I still am getting a bit concerned. Any suggestions?

  • Hey LAD123456 - sounds like acid reflux which can occur when we quit, perhaps a trip to your chemist might be able to advise or give you something or let you know foods to avoid that would cause it - let us know if you get some resolve on it...

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