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G'day Guys,

New guy here, 9 weeks strong after quitting cold turkey. Best choice of my life :) Had all the usual symptoms, rage, emotions, cravings, hunger, tired etc. Now two weeks ago when I woke up I cleared my throat and got some red phlegm (bright red consistency), went into panic mode and went to Doc (Not my reg one) He told me it was probably a infection as its winter here and/or blood vessel burst etc. In a nut shell not to worry about it unless it constantly happens. Since then I've had two more instances like that once I've woken and cleared my throat.

Question to you guys is, has anyone else had anything similar happen to them and if so, how is it going now for you..?

Thanks Guys


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  • Welcome DaveT17 and congratulations on over 9 weeks quit (can you just confirm the date for your milestone badges).

    I too quit cold turkey, almost 22 months ago and in the first few weeks had the desperate coughing up of the tar - it was black and dark disgusting stuff that I will never forget and perhaps has kept me quit all this time. Sounds like it could be blood you are coughing up, which MAYBE from burst blood vessels alright, but would say how much of it will establish this, if it is light, that could be it, if not, could be an infection. I am a good while here on this community and have not come across this before....

    I think the best bet is to get checked again with your doctor as even if there is other members here that have experienced this, we would not have the professional medical knowledge to advice.

    Keep in touch with us and let us know how you are/get on....

  • Hello! I am sort of the other extreme here - not that i am worried or want this to happen, but off the cancer sticks over 2 months now and have NEVER even coughed !! I have read about people coughing up blood, tar, mucous etc but I have experienced none of this. I was a heavy smoker for 20+ years. Do you think my lungs are still clearing out (which i have no doubt that they are) and this will still come, or does this not necessarily happen to everybody?

    Anyway - i am smiling and a happy non smoker these days :)

    Keep it up guys xxx

  • Great work on your 2 months mate congratulations ;). My understanding with the quit is that every quit and person is different and the reactions, recoveries etc are different. So no idea how yours will work. My symptoms came after 7 or 8 weeks, some had these pr less or worse earlier and some never got them. Just gotta wait. Do though drink lots of water lemon and ginger tea as this thins the mucus. Veg more so green and fruit like berries etc hwlp clean lungs as do raw honey. Helps speed up recovery.

    Good luck mate

  • I used to take a spoonful of honey every morning for the first 6 months and drank tons of water with lemon, cucumber and mint which found was great for clearing out lungs.....

  • Jodi..You are certainly one of the lucky ones...if nothing happened in 2 months not smoking I doubt if it will happen....Be glad and keep on enjoying your new found freedom..It is nice !!!

    Keep on smiling !!

  • Oh wow - i was so glad to read this! Thank You!

    Another bonus to add to the quitting process : )

    It is truly liberating

    Have a great day xx

  • Hello JodiG

    I smoke for most of my adult life and am now 46. I gave up just over 11 months ago and have experienced nothing! No noticeable changes in taste or smell, no coughing, no easier breathing, no increase in energy. Skin stiĺl looks as it did. My neighbour told me she only started coughing at about 3 months.

    I think it is different for everybody. I was expecting to feel so much different but it just did not happen. In fact the only tiny change was that I ocasssionally had a night time wheeze, more of a tickly throat really and that has gone. But that is it.

    I think perhaps my changes are there but on the inside!

  • I am EXACT the same as you. I have people asking all the time - am i feeling/ breathing/ smelling/tasting better - none of the above. Also waiting for the skin changes. . . Not sleeping great however.

    I know that my head and my mind is happy with my decision to quit though :)

    (PS - i am 44 and smoked since 20yrs)

  • Thanks mate, haven't seen you're name in years. Am a Dub myself living in Melb 15 yrs. My Doc is back on 23 July. Keeping a log and will see him on his return.

  • Thanks DaveT17, hope the aussie life is treating you well! I am from the midlands (a culchie! :D ) Good idea with keeping a log for own doctor, keep us updated....

    PS Can you let me know your quit date when you get a chance

  • Dave Welcome...9 weeks is gr8, well done....Yes, you acknowledged that symptoms is different for every person ...The normal ones seems to be the same but some people get some unusual side effects...and suspect it to be due to the quit...!

    Good thing you got medical advice and I do not think you need to worry about it to much except when your BP drops severely, then it surely is a sighn of internal bleeding.

    Keep us updated please...!!

  • Morning, well done on going cold turkey. I did this too whilst my colleague went to Vaping. Needless to say she still is whereas I'm nearly a year non smoking.

    Anyway, go and see your GP. I have heard of this type of reaction but didn't experience it myself. S/He ought to do a lung function test at least, which is if nothing else interesting to repeat at milestones to see your improvement.

    Better safe than sorry. Hope all checks out ok.

  • Welcome DaveT17 and well done on 9 weeks! Let us know how you get on with the doc....

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