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7 weeks!

anaamaral9 Months Smoke Free

Hello! It's 7 weeks today without a cigarette. 42 years of smoking, 1 and a half pack a day, sometimes more. So hard yesterday!

Then, I thought I would be feeling extremely energetic, like people say; well, I'm not... I am also experiencing a lot of throat clearing, which is very uncomfortable, and not very nice. I have a radio programme and you should hear my voice -- a bit like a crow...

Not to mention writing poetry -- impossible, not a line, nothing!

I am resisting, though, waiting for better times.

Thanks again for this space!!! It has been very, very important!

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KathieO100 Days Smoke Free

Great work anaamaral! 😀

Frostytime1 Week Smoke Free

Keep going! You’ve got this, fight hard you’ll be so proud of yourself! All of the rest will come 💛


Well done anaamaral , you are doing great. I promise better, healthier and happier times are ahead. The clearing of your throat is your lungs and hair cilia repairing and regrowing. Raw honey in the morning and night will help with this. Maybe a trip to your local health food shop for some herbal supplements might be worthwhile to get your energy levels up. Lots and lots of water and fresh fruit and vegetables too

anaamaral9 Months Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Thank you, Roisin! Thank you!

Jwk19621 Year Smoke Free

Sounds like you are doing fine to me. You're getting there one day at a time is how everyone begins with their quit.. everyone hits their corner at different distances.

I'd say before you know it... the poetry will be flowing again, without any ciggy smell on poetry paper😬🔨

🚭🔠 Jeff

7 weeks ..... good for you

anaamaral9 Months Smoke Free in reply to Jwk1962

Thank you Jeff, for your words!

Please keep going and well done! xx

Last night felt bummed out , flat and so low . Really , really wanted a fag and I’m 10 weeks smoke free ! Yes - so hard . But woke to another day and felt ok - not brilliant , but ok . It’s enough , hey .

anaamaral9 Months Smoke Free in reply to Lilacinbloom

You're right! Thank you for reminding me that life is -- life!

bjay221 Year Smoke Free

Fantastic job! Congrats. You were a long time smoker, like me, so I know how hard this must be for you. Keep it up.

anaamaral9 Months Smoke Free in reply to bjay22

Thank you, bjay22. It is very hard, yes. I'm glad you understand! But it's worth, isn't it?

All the best!

bjay221 Year Smoke Free

Yes, it sure is.

Smokomore9 Months Smoke Free

Well done anaamaral your like myself a long time smoker I'm 15wks in now and doing not bad still thinking of the cigs at night but never gave in hang on in there good things will come x

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