So currently on day 9 and so confused feel like i want to smoke and yet my body is rejecting it big time i have thrown up twice today after a couple of draws im just wondering when will the craving stop i dont enjoy smoking nemore and ive been wanting to quit for sometime now im now thinking because im rejecting it so much i was gonna try tomorrow my 1st day smoke free in 16 years do yous think its time for this thanks for reading

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  • Mrsywhite...Welcome and you have made a very good decission to quit with the "AID" of Champix....Keep in mind that Champix does not make you quit...You must quit and Champix will help you a lot...If I sound harsh ... I am a Champix quitter myself and feel fairly satisfied after 2 years quit that I am on the other side forever..This lovely non smoking side !!!

    Remeber Champix mimics nicotine...your brain is confused now as which one it must recognise as the one that must release the happy chemicals...Luckily it is rejecting the cigarrette's nicotine....!!! Therefore that bad taste...!

    I stopped on Day 12 although I have set my quit day on day 14...Smoked 60 per day before Champix and for the same reasons as you only smoke about 3 on day 9 which tasted horrible but I craved to smoke..and then day 12 after breakfast I could not complete one cigarette ....Took a few draws, threw it away until today NOPE (Not One Puff Ever)

    On my experience..Mayabe 9 days is quick...But it stays your decission... You want it so you decide when...Set a date/day ...!!

    Strongs....... you can do it !!!

  • Hi Mrsywhite

    Well done on making the decision to quit!! What s great thing to do for you! I've not used champix but an e cig, I'm so happy as a non smoker!!

    This is a great place for advice and support, you can do this!! ☺️

  • Welcome Mrsywhite13 to our community and congratulations on making the best decision of your life to quit. I quit over 20 months ago cold turkey and never looked back - it is a bumpy road, sometimes very bumpy and YOU CAN get through it with full determination and focus - the mental battle is tough as our body and brain re-wire and recover from all the damage done but as each day passes the stronger you will become.

    If tomorrow is going to be your Day 1, embrace it and be ready to attack, lots and lots of water, deep breathing, bit of exercise and keep busy. But the key is knowledge and what to expect - read up as much as you can here - below are few pinned posts if not already read and our Hercu's journey who replied to above. We look forward to seeing you here very soon :)

  • Day 1 is today i light up my usual morning smoke and chucked it followed by being sick that was at half past 8 this morning we are now nearly 12 hours on im not craving nemore im taking flushes dont know if related but seem to be going very hot n sweaty drinking lots of water and just been on a long walk with the dog so day 1 hadnt been 2 bad im a mum of 3 kids aswell 6 4 and 2 so there keeping me super busy hope tomorrow goes as smoothly

  • Hey Mrsywhite13, sorry just seen this post now as was checking to see if you began your journey - perhaps create new daily posts for the first few weeks so that it gets seen by other members here on the news feed and can they can reply to it - hope day 2 is going ok for you?

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