26 days

Hello everyone... Its been 26 days till my last CIG. I never thought quiting something would be so hard. I'm finally able to sleep through the night again and I've been taking multivitamins for energy. Each day that passes is getting easier but mentally I still want to light one up. I refrain myself because I think of the money I saved and my children is my number one priority. I have to tell myself every day I can do it.

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  • Hello and congratulations on reaching 26 days without a cigarette - this is a major achievement indeed 😃

    Right now you are smack in the middle of the mental battle. I know it is hard to resist that feeling of just wanting to light up but nevertheless, you have made it this far. Keep at it. In the early days, smoking was always at the forefront of my mind. Indeed, everywhere I went, people seemed to be smoking. I used smoking as a reward system so I found that really hard to overcome as well.

    Take heart, you are fast approaching the 1 month mark. Brilliant! Keep going.

  • Ty..I even got rid of some of the triggers that I did with cigs. Plus I hate how my taste buds changed. When I do crave a cig I eat fruit instead.. 4 more days will be a month, that's just crazy to me

  • Crazy but excellent!!

    The cravings will lessen each time you defeat a trigger. Oddly, I am one of those people who haven't noticed any changes at all which is a shame because I was rather looking forward to them!

  • Mushen..It will happen..somewhere there will be a noticeable change..!! Patience girl !! Patience !!!

  • Lol!! Let's hope so! 😁

  • Great to read an update from you Gatorrulz78 - well done, shining your 1 month milestone as we speak :) Hope you have a treat planned, keep up the good work and positive attitude as will stand to you. Stay in touch!

  • Well done on getting this far it will get easier

  • Gato..you are just doing gr8...This quit thing is a snowball down a mountain...Sometimes the ball hit a tree very early on the path down an burst...But if it gets momentum and starts to grow it gets bigger and stronger and might even break a trunk in it's way...That is the benefit of quitting small things, getting huge as time passes...your wallet, health, quality of life, happiness, fitness..and I can carry on and on.

    Be patient, fight the mental battle hard, just tell yourself that you can not be a slave of a thought of a cigarette any more..You are you and will make your own happiness.. Strongs !!

  • Thank you for all the support

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