74 days clean....BUT tired

Hi All. I'm 37 smoked since age 16 pack a day. Today is day 74 clean. It's been the toughest thing I ever did and still constantly think about smoking. The thinking lately is more aggressive to the point that I am afraid of myself that I will just buy and smoke again. I have a constant feeling of loss and not happy at all. Mainly using gum as 2 prior quit attempts on Champix failed! I really wish to relieve myself of this horrid feeling!

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  • I'm in same boat. It's a minute to minute struggle for me. I truly want to give in cause it's so much easier than to constantly fight the battle but I will keep fighting and I will fight with you.

  • Hi Holly thanks for your comment and sorry you are in my same boat - it would be better if we are on a real boat in the sunshine sipping some wine without thinking of cigs :) However we are not so let's fight together then!

  • That sounds nice. It's sunny here in Alabama right now. Good luck and stay positive

  • I will fight with you too

    I dream about smoking, how messed up is that????

  • Not at all messed up Ldanilovics - dreaming about smoking is perfectly normal and very common - I have at least a couple every month and 17 months quit, my hubby who is nearly 3 years quit was just saying last night he dreamt he was smoking out our bedroom window :O

  • Try to hang in there because these feelings will subside in time. I know it is hard and takes a huge amount of effort, but it can be done. Take it an hour at a time if need be. If you give in now, then unless you are prepared to smoke until you die, you will have to go through this all over again. You are doing so well, don't let it all be for nothing. ☺

  • That is the strategy - i just am not feeling any better (in terms of thinking about smoking) and that constant feeling fuels my inner bad self to take over!

  • I know what you mean. Have you watched any of the (short) videos on WhyQuit.com? There are some that cover this area and they are really very helpful.

  • No - I will check them out! Having vented my feelings out and knowing that people around the globe took the time to reply already makes me feel better! Thanks

  • That's what I keep thinking. I've come this far 34 actual days. I don't want to go back to that. But it's really hard at times. Deep breath and count to 30. Exhale. Give me strength.

  • Hello ptr247,

    74 days is quite an advanced stage to still be feeling like this! Even more reason to congratulate yourself on your determination to keep going. I felt like I had lost something too and it's a hard situation to deal with.....but you're doing it and it WILL get easier. Hope you feel more like yourself soon.

  • I;'m in the same boat.. day 78.. I would smoke in a heart beat , but I can't go through this withdrawl again..

  • Keep telling yourself that darlene12 - thats what got me to 17 months quit :)

  • I could smoke right now.its a constant battle. I will not let this win. I'm stronger than this addiction. Deep breath and exhale.

  • Ldanilovics This post is almost 2 weeks old so won't appear on the news feed - perhaps create a new post for yourself (your first one!!) - we are all here to help, the deep breathing is a great idea, ice cold water I found was a great help too - stay close to us :)

  • Welcome ptr247 and congrats on 74(5) days - you are approaching the 3 months mark of 'The Ichy Threes' phase to us quitters so it is perfectly normal these feelings, but good news, these will subside very soon, you CAN do and get through this, I promise, just hang in there.

    As Nozmo said, you are determined and focused which is vital in our quits, stay close to us and have a read of below if not already done so


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