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101 days woohooo

Haven't been online much.. been dealing with the frustration then got injured lol and ate more... got more frustrated .. ate more lol.. craved a smoke and then ate more lol 😂 Vicious cycle but you know what I saw someone walk around with oxygen today and said to myself.. I'd rather need to lose the weight then need oxygen to survive and that's where I was heading! Smoking 20-25 a day!

But Ive reached a milestone.. 101 days lol woohoo I'm so proud of myself 🎉

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Ah Louise, thrilled for you, congratulations and well done :)

Apologies for the delay in your badge, on its way now!

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well done Louise, you should be proud😊 you have done great!!!😊😊


Way to go Louiseb17 !! Be proud always.

101 days is super👏




Yes!!!! Excellent news. A fantastic 'well done' to you. I agree, do not worry about the eating right now, it is much more important that you are not smoking. I've seen people walking about with oxygen tanks from time to time as well, it does make you think, that's for sure.

Roll on the next 101 days!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗


101...Excellent Louise..!!


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