31 days smoke free

Hi everyone😆i went to a wedding yesterday and got threw the day without smoking.it was a really good day and i enjoyed myself and im feeling quite good this morning because last weekend was a nightmare.i no it sounds stupid but it proved to myself that i can have a good time and not smoke lol its been quite a ride giving up smoking  one minute im ill next im emtional angry sad then im eating like ive just discovered food lol anyway i hope everyone has a good weekend and stays smoke free😀

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    Well done, hope you treat yourself as that is some achievement!

    Keep up the hard work, it will get easier and pay off now you are over your first month and time will pass by much quicker...

  • Well done Joe, that's a really big step.

    This quitting lark is MENTAL isn't it? You just don't know what's going to happen next. It should start to settle down for you now though. Very well done.

  • One month congratulations. Glad to hear you enjoyed the wedding it just proves that there is a better life without those smelly cigs.

  • nice one Joe. im a month in too and feel the ups and downs with you.

    I bet you not only felt good, but smelt good too :-)

  • Well done Joe 😊

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