31 days

One calendar month today. It's been a mixed journey so far. First few days were the worst of course forever looking for my cigs even though there weren't any, then the feeling of loss almost like grieving. 2nd week was a little easier, 3rd week I reduced down my nicotine in my ecig, which caused a few cravings for a few days, one really bad day in Benidorm. I read Allan Carrs easy way and although it didn't work for me as his testimonials suggested it would it did make me think differently about cigs, so worth the read.  I am sleeping better and I really hate the smell of cigs now. So here's to the next month at the end of which I hope to have weaned myself off the ecig too.  I love this forum the support and reading other people's success and struggles.  

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  • Whoohoo Jean!   Congratulations, 1 month is a huge milestone to achieve!   Hope you treat yourself as you so deserve it.  

    Your milestone post is very encouraging, positive and great for the newbies to read that are almost at this stage.

    Keep going and that guard up at all times!

  • One month is fantastic - surely worth a celebratory treat

  • "...forever looking for my cigs even though there weren't any, then the feeling of loss almost like grieving"

    I remember that feeling very well from the first few days Jean. Horrible!

    Congratulations, it sounds like it's all going well.

  • I  love the level of support and understanding on this forum, everyone is in the same boat just at different stages, lying here on my second day I actually don't feel bothered about smoking at the moment hearing all your stories the good the bad the difficult the easy, it gives me hope to never take another puff!! :) congrats Jean:)

  • Glad Day 2 / 3 is going well for you Nohassel, keep going!

  • Will do roisin01 many thanks,  got a bit of time of work at the moment not due back till end of the month soooo fugured it would be a good time to bin the ciggs while there's no stress hehe, looking to get back into my  fitness again as well  regular running/ swimming ust to do lots of it but unfortunately ended up stopping when my smoking intake went up, that's what I long for to get back into that healthy  routine minus the smelly fags! Hehe  Anyway have a good day I'm going off for a run now  :) will keep you updated.

  • Nohassel...Nice..Keep on running and stay away from them stinking fags !!

  • Abeula... Gr8 post and yes I feel your struggle....Whilst in it it is bad but I am glad it was that bad because now I know I never want to go through that again...Never ever !!! and it is so nice to be smoke free. If I knew it will be like this I would have stopped years ago !!!

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