51 days smoke free

The last few days have been testing but still managed to stay strong!it seems when i least expect it i get that niggling feeling about smoking a fag.but the thing is i hate smoking i hate the hold it had over me i hate the way it started affecting my health.so i still take one day at a time and sometimes i have to remind myself why i have quit and i no im doing the right thing.anyway i hope everyone is doing well in there quit and fighting this addiction.

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  • Hy, Jo, a whole 51 days is so very wonderful,  isn't it?  Of course in this ever increasing pressured world we live in, the craves can hit us, almost like hitting a brick wall, when we are in a difficult, or emotional situation,  I have the most amazing news for you, as time goes by ( and it will) those thoughts that occur from nowhere re smoking,  will in a most magical manner start to decrease, in part because you are staying strong, showing who's boss, those difficult times will indeed become less and less, because mr Nico, cannot penetrate your sheer determination to stay quit. So like a bullie at school if you don't give in,he will leave you alone, and in that you will gain freedom, your body will Thankyou over and over.

    Do what ever is needed, just don't smoke, deep breathing, sweets, walk, any thing, I believe for today at least you are allowed to think about smoking, but that's all, just think.

    Ever heard the saying, your body is a temple, so we need to treat it with respect.

    You can keep going you can,

    Just fantastic, hoping tomorrow is indeed a great day

    Just keep going

  • Wow Joe over 50 days!   That is huge!    Celebrate and be happy!   Yeah you are in the thick of the mental battle but doing so well!

    I would love a cigarette right now and 7 months free, got through the biggest challenge of my quit with my other half having surgery at the beginning of the week, but after hearing of the death of singer Prince, a smoke is calling me, not going to have one but by god if there was one beside me.....so many life milestones memories from that man...it is very sad...

  • I totally agree, very sad news indeed. 

  • Cant believe prince is dead that is shocking i really liked his music that is sad news!!!!david bowie now prince both brilliant im shocked.

  • I know Joe, whats going on?

  • Joe, I know what you mean about cravings coming when you least expect them - for some reason even though I have been fine for quite a while I had some desperate cravings yesterday morning. I have also had a few cold sores and have definitely been eating more than normal. I decided that I do not yet have Nozmos strength to  try and lose weight at the moment - will wait until I am a bit further into my quit to do that. Well done for staying strong!

  • I know the feeling as I too take 1day at a time. 51 days you must feel so proud of yourself, well done 

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