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Quitting with Champix Day 6

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HI everyone, this is day 6 for me using Champix and I have set my quit date at day 12. Although I dont see me lasting that long tbh. I feel really sick and the cigs are starting to taste really disgusting. I seem to be smoking purely out of habit. I have started missing out my tea breaks in work so I have definitely cut down. Just wondering how you get to the stage where you just stop? Is this it working for me? Thanks for any advice.

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Welcome mrspol1980 - I have no experience with champix, but several of our members have and will be able to offer advice on their experiences - look forward to seeing you in Day 1 of your journey very soon :)


Regarding the nausea, this is a really common side effect of the champix. I find taking champix with food really helps (preferably just after food).

As for just stopping, I wondered the same thing - when does the 'stop' happen? However, champix can take only take you so far, you've got to make the leap yourself. As my 'quit' day whizzed by I realised that it would also take oodles of willpower too. I quit on day 14 (after planning to stop on day 8 of champix).

A word of warning - I know a few people who stopped taking champix before they had completed the 3-month course, ALL of them subsequently started smoking again and are kicking themselves for not completing the course. One friend has tried champix 3 times but has never seen the course through to the end. He keeps relapsing and blames himself for not finishing the champix course. If you do stop champix before the end of the course be aware that there is a greater chance of relapse.

My trusted app told me this morning that I've reached another milestone - 500 ciggies not smoked. I've 'quit' loads of times before and am finding this time harder than any other (possibly because I'm committed to staying quit). The champix definitely helps (me) but I've also got to approach each day with the commitment of not one puff ever (NOPE).

Good luck with your quit - stay strong and use this forum as the great resource it is - there are loads of experienced and supportive folk on here.

All the best,


Firstly well done on your milestone - great news. Thanks for the advice, I am not smoking as much but finding it hard still to break the habits i.e. smoke on my breaks in work so trying to find other things to do. I feel very committed this time and that makes me more scared.

Thanks again for your advice.

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rose0012 Years Smoke Free

Hi mrspol1980, I used champix and I am almost 6 months smoke free (this is the longest I have ever been off cigarettes) - I found that I just got up one morn and didn't feel the need

To smoke right away (that's the magic of champix) so just kept working with the cravings, don't get me wrong it was tough going but I can assure it does get easier - good luck


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mrspol1980 in reply to rose001

Thank you Rosie and well done on your achievement. Fingers crossed I have the will power to stay strong.

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SteveBangkok1 Year Smoke Free

Hi mrspol1980

Yeah, as others have said, the nausea is very common place but i guess it's a very useful side-effect. You may find that you also start to have very peculiar dreams, feel incredibly tired even after a good nights sleep and use the bathroom more than usual(!). But, don't lose sight of the fact that you're doing yourself good in a million other ways.

I'm on my 5th week with Champix and gave up on day 8 because the cig's just tasted awful and i was so nauseous that a cigarette was the last thing i wanted! Every cloud has a silver lining....

Stick with it and it WILL be worth it in end. My side-effects are beginning to diminish slowly but surely and i'm sure yours will too.

Thanks Steve, yes feeling sick is making me not want one till about lunch time and I guess the rest is habit, so going to work on keeping myself busy during the times i would normally smoke in work. Glad to hear it gets easier though. Thanks

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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to SteveBangkok

Good to read SteveBangkok that you are continuing to go strong! Well done! Keep in touch :)

A quick update from me... Day 8 on Champix and I went to have my first cig of the morning and nearly threw up. So decided just to quit today. I am still craving a cig but Champix are doing there job! :)

That's brilliant news. Stick with it; it's the best gift you could ever give yourself. Remember to take it a day at a time and Not One Puff Ever!

Take care,


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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to mrspol1980

Ah well done mrspol1980 , perhaps create a new post for Day 1 as this is a huge big deal and deserves a post of its own!

Just take it hour by hour, keep busy, lots of water and above all stay close to us and post any time, we're here for you :)

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melf1232 Years Smoke Free

Hi mrspol1980 - well done on your decision to quit.

I too quit using Champix and that was nearly 6 months ago - the nausea did last for a week or two but I can assure you DOES subside. Try taking the tablets with a full glass of water and nibbling on ginger biscuits... these really do help.

Good luck and stay strong - you CAN do this!!!

I smoked for 25 years and if I managed it there's hope for anyone!

Mel :D

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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to melf123

Good to hear from melf123 , how is things with yourself?

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melf1232 Years Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Hi RoisinO1 - I'm good thanks - I don't think about cigarettes so much so that I forgot to post my 5 month update :( - it's my 6 month quit date next week so I'll try to remember!! :D x

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