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Day 6 on Champix.. is it working?

Lynds19746 Months Smoke Free

Hi everyone! I just joined and wanted to introduce myself. I've just started Day 6 of Champix and I'm still not sure if it's started to work yet! I think today is the first day that cigs are starting to "taste bad". No other side effects though.. just some weird dreams (but that's actually normal for me!) I'm really hoping this works. My husband doesn't smoke and I want to quit for myself, my health especially - I have high blood pressure - and of coarse the ridiculous amount of money I spend on them. I have set a quit date for Sept. 28th - I made it a bit longer than I hope is necessary but that's the day I chose. Anyone else not really getting the effects from Champix yet? I'm hoping it all of a sudden just "kicks in" and I will hate smoking! I know it's not a miracle drug - but from what I've read it sounds like that's what happens!

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Welcome Lynds1974 - congratulations on making one the best decisions of your life to stop smoking. I stopped cold turkey 3 years ago on Sunday but we have several members here who successfully stopped with the aid of champix and reached their 1, 2 and 3 year milestones.

As you rightly said, it is not a miracle drug to make you stop, you have to go through the mental battle, it just takes the edge of the nicotine withdrawals. From reading other posts here on the way champix works, it is usually around the 3 week mark people are ready to stop but varies from person to person. You will know yourself when you want to stamp out that last cigarette and it WILL come. Wishing you continued strength.

One of our members here Hygiene100 has just started his smoke free journey using champix if you want to follow them.....

Look forward to seeing you day 1 post very soon :)

Lynds19746 Months Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Thank you Roisin01 for your words... this is a great place to come for support. I love reading success stories and good for YOU for quitting cold turkey! You have some willpower!

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Lynds1974

How is things now Lynds1974 ?

HercuValued Contributor

Hi Lynds Welcome and Roisen just about said it all...

I really want you to know that Champix does not kick in...You must kick in and Champix will help tremendously...

If you wait for Champix to do the job it will be very difficult for you...Set a quit date and stop smoking....and sorry if it sounds brute..

Champix mimics nicotine and your brain read this hijacking as if you are smoking but it is not a nicotine replacement and sooner or later the habit of smoking will be stronger than the aid Champix are giving you...

You must stop smoking on your set date.... For me 3 + years ago it took me 9 Days from 60 a day to 3 on day 9 and a light up on day 12 and from there not 1 puff ever,,,with the aid of Champix...

Wishing you all the strongs on your journey and take my word, the end result is Fabulous

mabelman6 Months Smoke Free

Hi Lynds1974, I'm new too this is day 9 of taking the Champix and yesterday I went from 9 to 6 cigs a day. My quit date is Monday but I may delay it 2 or so days later since if I can cut down a few more each day I would feel more at ease. I did get sick from the 0.5mg pill on day 4 and I also got sick from my evening pill yesterday (pill 8). I was sick for about 2 hours and then felt better. Like you, around day 6 I started to get a bad taste in my mouth too. I actually ate a plain chip and then the salt from the chip tasted so salty that I couldn't stop drink water. Anyway, good luck!

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to mabelman

Welcome mabelman - congratulations on making one of the best decisions of your life to stop smoking. We look forward to seeing your day 1 post very soon :)

Below is a link to a pinned post on tips with nausea and champix worth a read if not already done so:

Donjm6 Months Smoke Free

I’m going into Day 14 of Champix and actually stopped smoking completely on day 9 15th September. How are you going ?

Lynds19746 Months Smoke Free

Thankfully I'm on day 2 of no smoking! So far so good! No real craving, even though I did indulge in some wine a few times this weekend :) No one around me was smoking so that may have helped. I can't recommend Allen Carr's book enough. "The Easyway to Quit". It has helped immensely.

Lynds19746 Months Smoke Free

How are you doing Mabelman?

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