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Vitamin pills

Hello Zeta-Chi

Have you tried vitamin pills? Not the kind you can buy in supermarket or chemist but more expensive and better quality ones you can buy on the internet. I recommend a site called Nutriglow, they offer vitamins at discounted prices. They say that you should get all vitamins you need from a well balanced diet but I do not believe this is the case any longer with so many foods being manufactured under commercial pressure! A lot of research has gone into vitamins and the quality has improved. I know it is going to be expensive but it is your health that is at stake. Experiment with different types, try one for a month and if it does not make a difference, try something else. I take Vitamin B complex, Vitamin D3 (5000iu), Magnesium and Calcium together plus Vitamin K2 (Professor Harrison says it is OK to take K2 with an MPN), Iron with Vitamin C, Gingko Bilopa. The Hydroxycarbamide made my haemoglobin drop so I am taking the iron. Some of these have made me feel a lot

better already. Also healthy eating of course, very little sugar and caffeine, no dairy products. Good quality foods, organic. Lots of fruit and veg, some meat. You need to experiment because we are all different.

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Thank you. I have not considered buying vitamins on the internet before and will certainly check that site out,especially as they have made a difference to you. Do you have more energy/ focus/ less fatigue?


Hello Zeta-Chi,

I have been suffering from fatigue since my first child was born, nearly 40 years ago. It has never really occurred to me to do anything about it, I have just accepted as part of life but now I am beginning to think that something could be done about it. Fatigue is not necessarily caused by ET, losts of my friends also complain of being tired all the time. I do not suffer from fatigue in a debilitating kind of a way. I have always managed to work long hours and enjoyed pain and injury free health. Maybe what you describe as depression is not really that, it could just be that your body is not at an optimal health. Since I started with the vitamin pills, I can definitely say that I have more energy, I used to walk 40 minutes every morning but now I want to extend it to over an hour.

When I was told that there is something not quite right with my blood, I went to see a herbalist straight away before I was seen by the Haematologist. She put me on a diet of no tea, coffee, sugar, dairy or gluten for 30 days. She did some iridology on me and said my guts are inflamed. She also gave me a herbal remedy to clear my lymphatic system. At the time I weighed 16 stone. I lost a stone even without trying and after 30 days I decided to stick to this diet for good. Since then I have lost a lost more weight and I never have heartburn any more. Life looks a lot better and I have been on a continuous learning curve ever since.

There is a lot of information on the internet about nutrition and vitamins and if you have a kindle, you can purchase or borrow all sorts of interesting ebooks on the Amazon. I am currently reading a little book about pros and cons of aspirin, as I am taking 75mg daily. Every person needs to do a study of themselves as we are all different. I am only experimenting with vitamins to find out if I really need them or help me cope with the side-effects of Hydroxycarbamide.


Hi,searcher56 suggests vitamins. I was told to stop taking mine because of interfering with treatment. Ask your specialist first ☺

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I was told not to take vitamins containing Iron due to the already high red blood cells. This could of course go completely the opposite way in due course as hydroxycarbamide can then make you iron deficient. In the meantime I was told I could continue with my occasional swig of metatone tonic as there was nothing in the ingredients that would do any harm. Don't know if it actually does any good though.



Hello Bridie,

I have never heard it mentioned that you vitamins would interfere with treatment for ET.

I only see my haematologist once every 3 months for a 10 minute appointment. I feel like a text book case or a number. When I had my first appointment after having been diagnosed, I was just told the side-effects of Hydroxycarbamide and asked to sign a concent form. That was all. At the next appointment a month later I was given a sheet of paper with the name of my condition, treatment offered and and the name of the nurse who would be my key worker. I cannot help but feel quite upset about the whole thing. The NHS has limited funds and cannot be everything for everyone but I am left thinking that I have to help myself, I cannot rely on NHS. I am looking for a private doctor. I once rang the Haematology nurse to ask if I can have grapefruit with Hydroxycarbamide but nobody called me back. Also I mentioned to the Haematologist that I was taking a herbal remedy, he did not seem at all bothered.


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