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I’m new on this forum, I’m 60, male, married with two grown up daughters, we have 4 grandchildren and I’m retired from work because of spinal problems.

I finished work in 2010 and have suffered from depression and anxiety for about 8 years.

I have low self esteem and have thoughts of suicide.

I have tried CBT, it didn’t work for me, I have trouble sleeping and have on several occasions attacked my wife while having nightmares, my doctor thinks the nightmares are triggered by my medication, I take Codeine, Paracetamol, Gabapentin, Fluoxetine and Amitriptyline.

What am I expecting from this forum? I’m not sure, but I need to seek help from others and I’m hoping fellow sufferers will provide guidance and help me through, what is at the minute, a very dark time for me.

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Try to look at google: mindful meditation youtube to relax and calm your thoughts and positive thinking, either on youtube or pinterest - keep busy and keep mind/intelligence working towards positive thoughts and motivational thinking is any advice - best advice can give

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Thank you. I do try and keep busy, my hobby is woodwork, I always ‘suffer’ over the winter because it’s too cold to be in my garage, only this year I have added problems.

I'm so sorry to hear you're having such a bad time at present. Things can change for the better & positive thinking as indervir wisely says, is good advice. Perhaps a telephone review with your GP, the route of medication, such as rectally for the codeine could help. A review of the medications to see if anything different or timing of when you take them night be useful.

A book by Catherine Pittman & Elizabeth Karle called rewire your anxious brain helped support me alot. As the CBT didn't make sense til I'd read this.

Yin yoga could be helpful, but make sure your GP & consultant are happy with you trying that approach & seek good online advice from an exoerienced practitioner, who has undergone extensive training.

Sleep can be helped by sleep hygiene, such as strict bedtime, 7/11 breathing technique & position, such as side lying with extra pillow supports that you can look up online especially for spinal issues. Some YouTube clips are good for this.

There are always answers, we just have to find courage & ability to see over the problem hurdle instead of staring at it in the face.

I hope something here will help you.

Thank you.

Sound advice, I’ll never get an appointment to see a doctor, our health centre is just too busy, yoga is out of the question because of my spinal problems (I’m disabled), I have together with a health consultant cut right down on my medication, this is causing me concern because when I do start woodworking again, I fear that lower doses of painkillers will be insufficient for my hobby.

Aha, I see. But GPs are doing telephone appointments at the moment so I'm sure you would find that really helpful. So how about a TENs unit for your pain? You can get ones that offer a range of parameters to reduce the pain signals. Maybe ask the GP if they think is a possibility. But if that works you'll be able to do your woodwork more comfortably. I don't know what position you are in most of the day, but varying sitting to lying on & off would help. If you are able to stand, that would be good too. What are your thoughts?

I wear hearing aids, I suffer from severe hearing loss, probably due to playing guitar and music far to loud in my teenage years, because of that my wife is authorised to speak on my behalf with the health centre and also our bank.

I tried a Tens machine some time ago unfortunately it didn’t help, I’ve had one operation to remove osteophytes from the facet joints on my spine, I have been offered a further operation to fuse my entire lumber spine, but I’ve heard from people who have had this done and their problems returned and were more severe.

I move around constantly, sitting, lying, walking and standing throughout the day.

I know when I do start woodworking again, I will not set myself tasks, I’ll start off probably just tidying up for no longer than 1 hour and gradually build that time up, this I learned from my meTings with a psychiatrist.

I will get better, I’m stubborn and a fighter, just sometimes it’s nice to speak with people in the same boat.

Sounds like you're being practical, & good to hear you move regularly. Sorry the TENs didn't work For you. Always best to hear the orthopedic stats rather than other people regarding the fusion. As individuals can mislead you into thinking that will be you. & If so get the best orthopaedic consultant you can, their advice comes from many, many cases as well. What did you think about trying rectal pain relief, ask your wife to ask GP?

Welcome to the forum there are so many people who are so supportive you will find it a big help

Thank you, I’m sure you will al be helpful, people who share your difficulties are the ones who understand.

I answered a contribution on an earlier post, However I can understand the different problem given above.

I suffer from Chronic Pain and suffer PsA throughout my body and skin.

Looking at your medications for pain and joint pain, it seems your Doctor could rationalize your medications, I take one pain medication with Amitryptaline is not for depression here it will be for nerve pain tingles, cramps etc.

You are also taking to antidepressants for your low mood depression. If you are attacking your Wife when asleep, Nightmares seem to come from the soup they are feeding you and needs reassessment Paracetamol over time is a real health problem Paracodeine my substitute for two of your medication, although other Opiate types of drug may rationalize

Your medications I take Cox 2 inhibitors for my swollen joints and it works better than most original NSIDS.

If you are in regular pain a Pain Clinic can and will help you in the management of medications. It is important you understand your own body and the condition you suffer from. It is very important when taking pain medications you understand any damage been caused

You doctor has also told you of His concerns regard medication, is he prescribing you pain medications ??

You could also try a TENS machine, they may be able to reduce pain.therefore reduce your pain medication dose Some of these machines tone up the muscles and act as an EMF you are therefore controlling your own pain and medications.

I can understand your antidepressants however talk to your Doctor, your pain control seems to need looking into. Paracetamol not for long term

Have words with your GP and ask to have your medications assessed there may be better medications that will help you however I feel that is all down to the prescriber. You could try Mindfulness Relaxation Technique, although there have been some discussions regarding this.

I use either the Maxwell Technique, or the Alexander Technique both older methods seem better for pain and mental health, you will find books on Mindfulness on Amazon however they have stopped deliveries until sometime in April because of been used for medical gear distribution. Both the Alexander Technique and Maxwell Technique probably can be found on the internet. I use both latter techniques together and mix and match.



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