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Hey I'm new to this I have been diagnosed with mixed anxiety and depressive disorder, some background on me I have came out of a 10yr relationship in Feb 2016 I found out my ex partner was cheating on me for at least 6mths I have 2 children with my ex my son 9 and my daughter 2 my son came with me when I left he lives with me and my daughter lives with my ex, she has been really hard work to try and work with as in setting up times and days to see my daughter and for her to see are son, last time me and my son saw my ex and daughter was November are son phoned his mum on boxing day to ask about his xmas presents that she promised him but she didn't let him have them this makes me fill bad so I went out and bought him all the presents she promised him the last words we hard from her that me and my son can both P off and stay out of her life I still want to see my daughter and don't kno what to do

Regards Jason

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  • How did you manage to get the kids split like that? Was it just an agreemrnt between you & the ex? If so, you may want to look into legal help. Here in the states, you'd have to get a custody agreement. It might turn out the kids share almost equal time between parents or they live with one & visit the other. It would be court ordered. So, all parties would have to abide.

    It must be very draining for you & the children. Hang in there!

  • My son said he wanted to come with me as his at that age where he knows what he wants and in UK it's abit different I can't afford solicitors fees to get arrangements in place to see my daughter but it's just really bad that my ex my sons mum doesn't even want to see him so that's what is making it hard for me to see my daughter I'm just waiting for help from a team called talking therapies to see if they can help me and advise me what help I can seek to be able to see my daughter and for my son to see his sister as we both miss her very much, you think you kno someone after being with them for 10yrs and then they don't even want to bother with there own son I feel so sorry for my son as he shouldn't be made to felt like this by his mum but she doesn't seem to care she we broke up February 2016, and she has just had a baby with her new partner I can't belive she's gone onto have another child when she doesn't want anything to do with her first born are son and this is what I can't get my head around why doesn't she want anything to do with her own son and also tell him and me to both P off on boxing day when my son phoned to ask about his presents she promised him but she didn't even get them so I went out and bought all the presents she promised him I have also got all my daughters presents and cards from me and her brother as I ain't get any chance to see her until I get some legal help so when I do get to see her she can have all her presents then

  • Your ex is making a terrible mistake. My bf stopped seeing his son when the boy was 7. He's 21 now. I begged him many times to invite his son over. I would do everything in my power to make him feel welcomed, but the bf refused. I'm so sorry you and your children are going through this. Do whatever you can to stay in touch with your daughter. Send cards & letters. Eventually, she'll see you're trying. See if family or friends will intervene either to let your daughter know you love her or to straighten your ex out. I'm praying for you.

  • Thanks hun that's some good ideas you have suggested I will write a letter to my daughter and take a picture of it before I send it through the post just in case my ex destroys it

    God bless you and your family

  • Jason84 my heart goes out to you .. I am alienated away from my two daughters and it killing me .. Today it is a bad day for me and then I read your post. Makes me even sadder that people can do this with lives.

    Anyhow .. Welcome to the community and I am sure you will benefit from mixing here

  • Hi jason this is definatley a hard time for you but believe me you will come throught the otherside. Jason you will find some of the nicest people on here who are great listeners ! Its still early days yet and you will meet other as friends and otherwise ! Its a shame there are children involved but i bet you will still carry on looking after them as you come across as a caring person take care and best luck david!