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new here

hi everyone

does anyone else feel like me

4 weeks ago I had a total knee replacement and have had an awfully depressed feeling since, I suffered from depression in 2006 got myself sorted with medicated help within a year and alls be wellin life since, then this

on release from hospital ive felt useless, I'm a normally very active 6ft 1, 115 kilo male with everything I need but at times I could just cry for no reason especially when I'm here all day on my own, I cannot fully walk unaided yet, I cannot drive yet, I know the rehab situation but I still feel I'm totally alone,

does this mean depression never actually leaves us totally, I don't want to go to medication but I feel I'm going that way,

does anyone have any advice they could give me please

kindest regards derek

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Hello Derek.

So sorry to read of your operation and the depression since being home. A lot of people feel down and depressed after being in hospital, you are going through your recovery period and this will take some while. Why not call your Doctor and have a chat? there's no point suffering at home, you have enough to cope with already.

Best wishes



thanks chloe I think listening to others will help me more than medication


Good to hear that Derek, all the best.



Total knee replacement,no driving yet, largely immobile and confined to base. Of course you are not going to feel great. Catch up on some reading, do all the physio exercises and plan how life should go for you during and after your recovery period to get back your social life.

I would n't worry too much about being depressed a bit ,many would be, and if you feel medication necessary see your GP. In answer to your question , some never get depression, a few lucky ones get it very rarely in reaction to life events (which might cover you) , and for many of us on here, the unlucky ones, we get regular bouts of it and it always recurs altho usually we also get longish spells of remission. Some get very long spells of depression ,say a few years. I once got 18 months, which I would n't care to get again, altho even then you get so used to living with it that eventually it becomes bearable.

If you've been free of it since 2006 and its only come on since knee replacement I would think the outlook for you as far as depression goes is quite good and not too worrying. Mind you you'll probably have to say goodbye to any hopes of an international football or rugby career.

Might pay to talk to your rehab/physio people who might know how common your feeling is. I suspect its pretty common in your circumstances which should improve a lot once you're mobile.


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hi olderal

thanks for your terrific reply, it does really help

regards derek

and by the way I was a footballer but we cant be seen to be weak as it seems to me, accepting is the difficult part


Hi Derek, people often feel like that after an operation. I sure did. It's often the after effects of the anaesthetic. You need to eat a good diet to get the vitamins you need back in your body. Try some meditation. I used Glenn Harold's heal your body off the App Store on my I phone. I couldn't walk far after my operation. Just up and down the garden, gradually building it up as my strength returned. I had bad anxiety too. I still do sometimes but that's due to my ongoing health issues. I did get better👍But my health now dictates otherwise at the minute. You will recover from this. Just take it a day at a time. We often find it really hard to accept we can't do what we want too it makes us feel vulnerable and no one likes that!! I wish you a speedy recovery😁


thank you


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