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Hi I’ve just joined and hoping to get support and guidance.

I’m going to have a mental health assessment next week and don’t know what to expect. I see people, shadows, lights and feel things and hear noises, foot steps, voices and can’t stand being in a waiting room as the chatter is too much to bear. I’m on antidepressants and promazine and feel so down and tired of pretending I’m ok with everyone. Of course people notice I’m not the same don’t go out except for work and kids to school which I find hard and takes great effort. I feel I’m clinging on by the skin of my teeth and any second what I’m feeling thinking and hearing will blast out and take over and if this happens I’m worried I’d be sectioned. I have strong urges to suddenly climb tress want to push people etc. A voice will tell me to do things and I try to ignore but the last time I couldn’t and didn’t eat anything for 4 weeks.

Any advice please.

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Hi there, and welcome to this wonderful and caring sight. Sorry to hear you are going through this, but I do urge you to tell them everything what your going through at your assessment. They will look at the medication your and if need be change it for something else as these people are more qualified. I too have voices in my head sometimes telling me to do things and you can't always ignore them because they are so strong. Write what's happening to you down,, and the anxiety this is coursing you and take it with you. Hope this helps and good luck please let us know how you get on, always hear for that listening ear. Xx

Hi thanks for your suggestions can I ask do you feel them as well as hear I’m not sure how much more I can take it’s a constant battle

Hi there Horse 125,no I don't feel them but it's like a presence I see things or should I say I think I see things like something has walked/crawled across the room, it happens so quick it's like what was that, then it could be 30mins later and I will spot something again, I have sometimes said to people did you see that, and there like see what, so I know they didn't. It can be very disturbing, like I'm going mad. If you can tell them as much as your comfortable with, have you got a counsellor that could go with you for support, mine came to mine. Good luck x


Try not to worry the first meeting you will have will be just talking to you to see what is going on in your life also how your problem is affecting your life. They will possibly then make further appointments for CBT, to help you move on.

Make a list of what is worrying you or affecting your Life, this will make good use of the appointment. Try not to forget anything. If your past has caused your problems mention those as well

Sectioning is generally very much a last resort in the UK, Doctors would rather keep you in Society, because of the expense or getting you hooked on Mental Health Treatment Pathway in Hospital.

There are many Day Centres that you could attend, mixing with people who suffer as you seem to do. You will have treatment on a general Appointment of say one hour at home, in Clinic, or in a hospital Clinic, the latter is not that common.

You may be taken into hospital for a short period, a couple of days, only if you are really bad and at risk to your self our others. A full section by Mental Health or Yourself is not to common, treatment in the community is really preferred


Thanks I’m just not sure I can tell them everything yet I am keeping the pretence that I’m ok at home but it’s so dam hard. I want to stay in bed block out the voices and shadows and horrible thoughts I feel I’m close to the edge

It is important to you that you gain confidence and trust your Health Professionals . You have very little to worry about everything is done on a need to know basis and if others are involved it may not be necessary to give names however it the names have done something wrong and you need support, names are the least of your troubles especially if you are ill because of above and you need support to help you move on


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