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Hi everyone, this is my first time doing this. The past month or 2 I have being feeling weird and feel like there is something wrong me. I have been looking into few mental health condition/ disorder. I have been taking online test- I still don't know what is wrong with me and why I am feeling like this as. I have shown symptoms of; biaplor, depression and anxiety. Due to this I have not been going to college for few days now, which is unlike me,as my personal tutor is worried and has emailed me. Then I tell myself it's nothing, am being dramatic and it's all in my head. As a result of, I am unable to talk about it and seek actual help.

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Hi, trust me when I say you need to talk about it. If you don’t it will fester and eat away at you. If you can take yourself to your doctor and discuss how you feel. It may be nothing or it may be something you won’t know until you take this first step.


Thank you:)


Hi..im feeling thesame..i think for me they call it mid life dissatisfaction?i dont what it is but im feeling depress and cant communicate much with my family esp wife...so strange that sometimes you just want that its the end of the world..sometimes youre thinking of whats really is your purpose in life...i have a good job and lovely family but theres something missing in my life...maybe we both need to see the GP?😊😊


I think we do 😊



After i quit drinking booze, about 3 years now, all of my good and bad was able to surface.

Living under the influence for so many years stiffled me growth and my humanity.

I worry that maybe i need some meds to break free or whatever, but typing and reading about mental health issues has done wonders.

I feel that this site, folks here obviously, is a huge reason why i am feeling better and more positive.

I get down, periodically, every day. I get myself up as well. It is a roller coaster. It is life as a human.

Everybody hurts sometimes.



Hello. Firstly, I would like to say this is brave of you for coming on and discussing your issues. I would recommend you to go your doctors and seek help. Also, surround yourself with good support and environment, such as; family and friends. I know this going to be hard, but just force yourself for the things you love or want to do, it can be smallest things. For me, I had to force myself to go to college, it was hard. However, I am glad that I did because helped me get through the day, as it distracted me. You use other alternative ways to distract or make yourself better, for example; going to gym or start sports, such as; swimming, running, basketball or just long walks. -It does help. I hope my advice helped you or made you feel better.

Have a nice day :)

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