Don't fear BENZO

Don't fear  BENZO

I have anxiety , so bad it always turns to depression if I don't keep it under control . I take 100 mg sertraline and 6 mg of Ativan a day if I need it or not. Its prevention of mass anxiety I was born with it my father was the same . I am tolerant to ATIVAN not addicted or I would be on many many more by now. I cannot stop or I will be thrown in to withdrawal so bad it could kill me , I tried it before I don't recommend it. I don't want to stop I sleep at night I function better , I never will be well but I don't expect to my dad never got better and he died at 90 , if I stopped or withdrew Ativan a lot do and put themselves through years of agony only to find you still need a similar med , seems pointless , embrace you need them and get on with it , why be a bundle of nerve,s when you don't need to , the highest dose given is 10mg a day that's a massive same has 100 mg Valium but with Valium you are dizzy foggy head wreck and wake with a hangover has if you have drank a bottle of Vodka . ps dyslexic sorry


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2 Replies

  • What a beautiful autumnal picture you have posted. I am stuck in hospital for a couple of days and took so much pleasure in seeing that and how beautiful Autumn is out there, thank you xxx.

    I am so glad you have found a medication that keeps you stable with the anxiety, it doesn't hurt sticking with it when it helps so much does it?

    I would imagine with the anxiety under control sadly it is always a question of being one step ahead of the depression that you know can hit at any time.

    I hope you manage to keep things at bay and manage to get out and about to see and smell all the wonders of this beautiful season.

    Lots of hugs, Moni x

  • I am gland I lifted you with the pic , I like looking at art even gothic , not gory but moonlight and a stillness even in gothic , I went to the hospital for a yearly check up and was discharged , I will post that in another thread I am English and out mental hospitals are poor