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Don't Know what i am feeling ):

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im confused. I just hope today is not one of those days where I just feel emotionless. I feel like everyone is judging me at school. I hate being in school. everyone is to loud. I want it to stop. Im looking at everything through a tunnel vision I don't know why im usually very social. I feel lonely even if there is so many people in class. please someone help me. I just need words of encouragement. Dont feel to strong right about now. ):

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Hi what is up sorry I have not sent you a message as I have been not great and busy trying to do things .I was I a mood last week went shopping with my hubby I wanted to get something he said to me do I need it I said no but it was lovely

its ok. I have been liek that too but just been going through the motions.

I get up in the morning and I start crying and I don't know why I am doing it I also do it at night x

im sorry. But sometimes crying helps.

I was crying at a video on YouTube it was a friend funael

I would have cried too. Im sorry are u ok ?

I am fine

Hey Darklight_465,

I know exactly what you’re going through. Everyday it’s a struggle to deal with toxic people at school. I’ve noticed that being judged at school has become so normalized and that’s not okay. The advice I give not only to you but myself is to stay positive. Find those people who truly make you feel safe. Although being in a environment like that can be hard, believe me, it won’t last forever, and honestly that is what keeps me going.

Thank you xjeh2830x

wishing you the best of luck!❤️

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