I don't want my depression to go away

I have OCD and mild depression and anxiety and my parents don't know. I go to a counsellor and so my depression's kind of going away but I don't want it to. Is that weird? I don't know what to do. No one understands what I mean.

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  • It sounds like you may be enjoying the attention that illness brings, Not a good thing for the future though. Count yourself very lucky that you are improving as many don't. Now go out and enjoy living!

  • Thank you!! I think you're right because my counsellor thinks it's time to stop my counselling but I don't want it to stop. I don't know what to do though because a part of me doesn't want to get better but a part of me does. What do I do??

  • Candy, get rid of both if you can with the counsellor and hope they never come back

  • I can't. It always comes back somehow and I let it because I kind of want it to. I just feel lonely sometimes and it occupies my thoughts. It's really hard to explain and no one understands me. I sound like I am crazy

  • I understand you... I think it's almost as if the depression is the only consistent thing we feel we have or the councelling etc... so without that in our lives we don't really know ourselves.... I think the trick is to tell your parents and power through!

  • Thank you for your advice! I'm glad someone understands what I'm going through. xx

  • Candy, I think your depression has become so familiar to you it is like an old friend, not a nice old friend but one you can count on to always be there. You need something to replace it with and maybe your counselor could help you with that. I see no reason to bring your parents into this as you have done so well on your own. You know no amount of depression is healthy and you are going to have to let go if you want to continue improving. Trust yourself, you are obviously a strong person. I hope you let me know how you get on. Pam

  • Thank you!! I'm going to try it. I go to counselling on Tuesday so I'll hopefully let you know on Tuesday night or Wednesday.

  • Good, hope you get some helpful answers. Pam

  • Hi are you still at school or are you working? As long as you are 16 or over your parents don't have to know anything unless you tell them. If you are under 16 then your counsellors can get in touch with your parents anyway.

  • I'm still at school (nearly finishing) but my counsellor has promised me that she can't tell anyone unless I'm at harm.

  • Are you 16 or over then?

  • Yes

  • Get better, let go of your depression and find something much more fun to replace it with. Depression is not good and anyone that can get better should take the opportunity. Have you any hobbies? Groups or social activities you enjoy. If you can get into a group of some sort (sport/art/music/book group the options are endless) then this will replace the regular contact you feel you will miss from seeing your counsellor. You will find there are other things you can get attention for, your strengths rather than your illness. Good luck I hope you enjoy being well.

  • Thank you!!! I'll try it and hopefully it works xxx

  • Possibly munchenhausen syndrome look it up.but find yourself lucky that you are improving.

  • Thank you. Yeah, I'm going to research it and talk to my counsellor about it.

  • I would think her therapist would have diagnosed this early on. I believe it involves physical issues, trips to hospital and so on more than anxiety or depression. It must have a mental component also since it isn't based on reality in that the patient causes it. Interesting idea. Pam

  • Yes I agree sweetiepye because I have never been to the hospital for my mental health. I never even wanted to tell anyone but I did and only a few people know.

  • I think you're on your way to a happy healthy life. You've just got this little hiccup to get past. Well done.

  • Yes. Can understandnthis to a point. It's kinda like we get comf Table with how we are and what we are used to, if that makes any sense,

    I have heard this said before, you are not alone. 🌺

  • Thank you. Yeah it makes sense

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