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Haven't written on her now for quite some time. Felt a little like a stranger amongst friends I think. Just really need to talk as I'm really struggling with things right now. I should be happy as I've not long since returned from having a pretty good holiday in which me n my partner hardly argued for once! I'm unable to work at and haven't for some time due to severe back trouble,. All my colleagues were in contact in the beginning but now they don't bother with me. If I ever do return, I honestly don't know how I will feel being amongst them. I send texts etc., but I don't get much in a response, so I've started to give up. I have managed to make a couple of friends from my daughter's school, but I can't talk to them about my life n feelings. I'm struggling to get out of bed not only physically but mentally. Everything is so much effort. I feel lost and very alone. When my partner and daughter get in, I still find doing anything such an effort. My days are wasted in bed, not only because I am unable to get out easily physically hut also because I can't muster up the energy to be bothered either. I'm on so many different types of drugs that they don't help matters. I just really need to get myself out of this feeling sorry for myself pattern but I'm finding it so darn hard. Even when my partner asks me to make a phone call to someone, even if its just to make an enquiry about something, it's an effort. Why can't I feel happy about anything? I just want to close my door an hide away from the world.

Sorry for my rant, I just needed to talk.

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Hi there sorry your feeling bad. Those are all fairly classic Depression symptoms.

Maybe a GP visit would point you in direction for some support. Is there anything


You can join locally.? A class of some sort, even go for a swim.

Try and build on contact you have and mAke a list of one or two things to do each


You have to try and make an effort to do All you can, and it will all help.

Hannah x


Hi. I'm sorry you're feeling so low. Does your partner know how you feel? I know its hard to talk, I struggle with this all the time, but sometimes it can make you closer in your relationships and perhaps the arguments may even become easier. Find a new passion in life to give you focus. Decorate a room together. Look for ways to enjoy your life again, together and alone, and no matter what don't let the blues keep you down. We all know when the darkness is trying to pull us under, that just means we need to fight a little stronger to find the light. I hope you start to feel better soon. xx


Sounds to me like you're not quite getting the right treatment for your depression that you need. It must be absolutely draining feeling like you are for such a significant part of your day x


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