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Struggling and alone.

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So over the last week or so (heading into the second week of now), my mental health issues seem to have exacerbated, especially my anxiety. Partially due to PMS and partially due to the coil being removed (I think).

I'm just at a total loss now guys, I don't know what to do. I'm restless all the time, I'm panicking all the time and having tearful outbursts. I'm scared of being on my own right now due to my intrusive thoughts. If I call a crisis team or 111, I'm going to have to leave the house which I'm not good with and no money, so I couldn't get there even if I tried. My partner is at work, around 45 minutes away in a different City/Town. I've tried the Samaritans in the past but I'm finding it really difficult to talk properly about what's going on for me. I am living out of my normal area and don't have any friends here. I am really, really struggling and at a total loss as to what to do now, on my own till 5pm and I really can't cope anymore. Can't nap, can't rest. Can't go out. It is the absolute worst.

Anyone got any ideas? :(

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Well you can chat away on here, it might take your mind off things a bit.

Do you leave the house at all?

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Hi JimmyJimmy, I do but very rarely and rarely alone. But all it is really is going to supermarkets. Had a good holiday a few weeks ago and got back to reality, and it bites.

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Well go outside sometimes and get away from it all..give yourself a change of scenery.

Hello Flare,

Just to say that you are not alone, we are always here and listening. You've had some lovely replies and support from our members for your recent posts. Hang in there and don't lose hope. I would urge you not to give up and call the crisis teams if you need it. Did you pursue the perinatal mental health support suggested by one member, and what was the outcome?

I know from experience that intrusive thoughts are a real nuisance, and I find doing something else with my mind to distract away from them can really help. Trying to confront them or getting sucked into these thoughts, only seems to make them worse, and feeds into anxiety. Put some music on with lyrics you can sing out loud or dance too. Watch a funny movie, or do a Soduku puzzle or get out for a short walk in the fresh air, maybe to a local cafe in a park. Do something to break the cycle of spiralling negative thoughts.

Take care and stay in touch.

Sending Best wishes,

MAS Nurse

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Hi MAS Nurse,

I have indeed and I'm very grateful. I haven't gotten to pursuing the referral yet as I am needing to change GP's - her attitude yesterday has contributed to how I'm feeling today greatly I think.

I may try call crisis but they're a little iffy and unhelpful where I'm located, it's a 5 minute chat on the phone followed by telling me to call 111/go to A&E in order to be referred to them and it caused a lot of stress last time. Sometimes I try wait it out and not to pursue crisis support as they send me spiralling further downwards more often than not and I really can't afford to get much worse, as it's already pretty bad and I'm home alone, no friends or family around etc.

I will give the music a go, I do listen to music very frequently, write and blog. I'm just feeling oddly restless but exhausted at the same time.

Thank you for your response


Awweee Flare .... totally empathise with you - have been there a few years ago -

Have you been prescribed medication recently or in the past ?

To be feeling like you do requires support and some medication.

Have you a support team that you can liaise with?

Try and keep a journal of your thoughts and your feelings .

Is there anything that you can reach to, to help you settle?

Have you used coping strategies in the past ? or have you been given any coping strategies recently that may be able to help you .

There is information on the net to help assist with anxiety and suggestions for coping mechanisms.

A good practical way of dealing with your situation is to find some post it notes/ pieces of paper and write all the negative thoughts you have and stick them how ever you can around a mirror you use, or a cupboard that you use .

Leave a couple of days and then begin to remove those negative thoughts and replace them with positive alternatives against the negative feeling.

This is a great self motivational 'therapy'/strategy to do.

Seek as much support as you can get - how ever appreciate you are feeling 'cut off' and wonder if yo have easy access to the internet ?

Try doing some research into severe anxiety and ways to cope with that.

Try if you can to breathe slowly and focus on your breath and feel that breathing rhythm flowing through your body .

be kind to yourself. Be gentle and affirm that 'every day I am getting better and better'

If you can say this-even if you don't think this it will help.

Happy to talk xx

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