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Hi I'm lifted , I'm 55 years old , struggling with bipolar and depression .I'm on 300 gems of venafaxine and 600 gms of lithium . I'm struggling with crying and I have now spent 16 full days in bed .I have a daughter and husband who both work full time and have to fend for themselves . I just want to be up and doing but why can I not make it out the room I'm really struggling please help

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Hi lifted

Sorry depression is affecting you so much lately. To know that you have been in the bed for such number of days is hurting even to me. I know how depression can be, it can cause one to be lazy and people who don't understand it could judge. I am glad however that you are admitting you don't want this. Have you tried seeing a therapist? I know they know things we can not know. We only able to support you and help thru experience. Have you also tried breathing exercises?

Hi there my husband has bipolar and my late sister had it too so I know a little bit about it We have just come back from seeing my husbands psychiatrist as a week or so ago I requested that my husbands medication was reduced bc I noticed signs of low dopamine thankfully his psychiatrist is a really nice person he agreed to this bc the thing is bipolar consists of two mindsets one is manic and the other is depressive so one drug doesn't fit both states of mind - are you type 1 or type 2 also do you know what your cycles are ? My husbands manic episodes last approx 3 months and it usually happens late summer do you have any insight into your cycles or not ? Sorry to hear you are struggling it's good your husband and daughter can look after themselves

Thankyou so much for reply, I'm bipolar 2, I'm not sure what you mean by cycles. My daughter has just had a go at me for not trying harder she keeps telling me to push myself but I just go back into bed and now I'm in tears the house is still a mess and she keeps saying I'm having a dig at her or dad when I say this

So it would seem you are in a down phase rather than manic , the thing is you need a different medication when you are down to when you are manic , it would help if you tried to do just one household chore a day and maybe a walk even though it is the last thing you want to do it would give you a small boost

I'm on velafaxine for depression and lithium for my mood . I tried to wash some pots then just ran to my bedroom . The thought of going out just fears me

Roxylox in reply to lifted

I have bipolar, but am more inclined to manic, not depression, l am just on 600 mg lithium alone. However, I also get exhausted. I get up to do breakfast and a packed lunch for My husband before he goes to work. I generally need one or two naps in the day. I do take the dog for a walk nearly every day, but have to force myself to go out. Am afraid of people's judgment as I have experienced lots of it.

I've been listening to lots of motivational talks and podcasts lately, finding them kind of helpful. My house is pretty untidy. I keep it pretty clean, but definitely chaotic l badly need to declutter. I only get full energy in bursts now and again. I am also judged for my habits. I am also 55 by the way. I thoroughly sympathise with you

lifted in reply to Roxylox

Thankyou for reply ,I'm still on bed I just have motivation . I must try and get up it just feels so scary

Thanks for getting in touch c

Sankissjuice in reply to lifted

No, no, don't listen to her. She doesn't understand. Tell her to reach out to the support group. I don't have bipolar but major depression. I also struggle to get out of bed. Really really struggle. And even when I am awake, I lay on the bed. That is the symptom of the illness. Give yourself compassion and kindness. Gently and kindly persuade your body to get up. And when the resistance is strong, relax. Please don't make it worse by criticising yourself. We all will tend to do that. But it is not the right way.

If you don't mind me asking what are his signs never come out of mine for 3 months

I don't mind - what do you mean by signs ?

Sorry ,when he is in a manic episode

It builds up he gets irritable then he just trips into mania talking alot planning stuff also he is mean to one particular person this is a trait of mania and I have been at the receiving end of it , very outgoing and chatting to people spending money he bought a £1500 tv when I.was happy with.the one we had , he gets manic usually at the end of the summer for 3 months but he is on an.injection of apriprazol atm so hopefully that won't happen anymore , he is under a good psychiatrist now but in 2018 he got his GP to sign him off all his meds which made my life very difficult

I have just looked up venafaxine and it is an SSRI which frankly is the last thing you want when you are in a bipolar depression no wonder you.feel bad - during depression you want something that lifts you

Serotonin is great for stopping mania , but it is not good bipolar depression

Thankyou for sharing .I'm going to tell him x

Do you know about dopamine and serotonin ?

Dopamine is what fuels mania then when the mania ends and you go into depressive mode serotonin is dominant

Try having a strong cup of coffee and orange juice for breakfast to give you a dopamine boost during this depressive mode you are going through right now

Thankyou for that , I do have strong coffee but it's making me more nervous and my heart is racing , I will mention to the physchatrist when he calls me . It should of been today but has not done. I'm feeling even worse now , but have manged to get out of bed I'm downstairs now .thanks for replies greatly appreciated x

lifted in reply to lifted

And I will try the coffee with orange juice x

Orange juice, apples and beans / lentils are also good sources of dopamine


Hi Lilly

Sorry to correct you but you are incorrect. Venlefaxine is an SNRI not an SSRI

Also SSRI can be used to treat the depressive phase(s) of Bipolar. A very close friend takes Citalapram to treat her depressive phases. She does not take them when in a mania, obviously.

For information on Bipolar

Hi no problem I dont mind being corrected but Venlefaxine is an SSRI as well as being an and a SNRI ?

Your friend is taking an SSRI to prevent mania

lifted in reply to Missy_D

Hi , I did try the strong coffee and orange juice, I have spoke to my doctor and I'm now on the same amount of drugs as before, what I'm struggling with is all my rooms are a mess and I can't motivate myself to declutter I go in each room and just cry , sorry for contacting you .

Missy_D in reply to lifted

Hi lifted,I don't know whether you can access this form of support from your local mental health team but I do know that some teams have what could be described as an out reach team. They come out to your house and encourage/assist you to complete small household cores with the intention of preventing you entering a crisis situation.

lifted in reply to Missy_D

Thankyou for that I will make enquires

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