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How to cure prostatitis without antibiotics?


Since the condition, more and more patients have reflect that antibiotics didnot work on their prostatitis, which means their prostatitis has turned to be chronic condition. To find out some way to cure prostatitis without antibiotics turns to be really emergency and important.

1.Prostate massage and infrared treatment

These two treatments belong to the categories of physical therapy, both prostate massage and infrared treatment can speed up the blood circulation of the prostate and bladder to change the over-swelling condition of the prostate. Acute bacterial prostatitis patients cannot take prostate massage.

2. TCM treatment.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment for prostatitis has its special advantage. TCM has natural ingredients taken from natural plants or animals so it has no side effects, it focuses on healing fixing. TCM like Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can cure prostatitis as well as prevents the recurrence of this disease.

3. Surgical treatment

This treatment is only used for severe chronic non-bacterial prostatitis patients when the swollen prostate has blocked the flow of urine, doctor will remove the swollen part of the prostate.

Among all these, tcm herbal treatment should be better than other treatments, considering about the effects and result, as well as convenience.

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