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8 days after circumcision surgery


Hello, I(44yr) had to undergo circumcision surgery due to pin hole phimosis. My surgery(general anasthesia) was over around 3pm on 12Sep. Unfortunately in the evening one of the stitches came out and there was significant bleeding. The doctor stitched it again. Things are going ok till now. No major bleeding. I don't have much pain. I was on antibiotics and pain killer which ended on 7 th day post op. Doctor saw me on 7th day and said it is healing well.

The issues I am having are:

1. My urine stream is broken (resembling sprinkler). When I pee siting it is broken at start then for some time the straight stream is there and again it is broken at the end. Is it normal? I am afraid of meatal stenosis.

2. I am peeing too many times and at the end I get a feeling of retention. Before also I used to pee more than normal (I tend to drink 3-4 litres water per day(i don't drink tea or coffee but lot of fruits lentil soup etc). Not sure if it is bladder/prostate issue or due to circumcision.

Feedback will be appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi mate the broken stream is normal due to swelling and gets back to normal soon, I'm not sure about the retaining feeling if it continues I suggest seeing your doctor hope everything goes well for you mate

bapichat in reply to DannyDi

Thank you mate. After how long will the urine steam be normal usually?

DannyDi in reply to bapichat

Its different for everybody mate it could take a few weeks as long as its not painful your fine mate

bapichat in reply to DannyDi

Thank you mate. After how many weeks can you do

1. travel 2.gym

I lift heavy weights. I am thinking of starting regular gym only

after 45 days or so just to be on the safe side.Any thoughts.

DannyDi in reply to bapichat

I'd say after 3 weeks mate, I'm on day 23 and can do everything now o even had a wank for the first time yesterday lol

bapichat in reply to DannyDi

Oh boy. My doc told no erection for at least a month.

Any way how swelling do you still have? How long does the

swelling remain?

Also after how many days did your pee come out in single

stream without spraying?

Thanks and take care.

DannyDi in reply to bapichat

I've got no swelling and my stream was straight by day 2 tbh mate but like I said everyone is different and heal different, my erections wasn't painful by day 17 or something like that

bapichat in reply to DannyDi

Thanks a lot mate. I have put a new post with picture. Can you

kindly take a look and let me what do you think about progress

of my healing. Thanks & regards.

Hi buddy I'm on day 13, the urine issue you're having I am too it's normally

Whilst swelling is present!

And the second issue I pee less than before, I dunno why it's the case but again I experience the same

Thank you mate. for swelling are you applying ice. my doctor no need. I clean using mild warm soap water and then apply neosporin.

Hi there I don't use ice, I salt bath in lukewarm water 1-2 times a day to help gland sensitivity and always the stitches loosen a tad. And I use Vaseline it's a similar thing to what you use whilst applying a bandage if I need to go anywhere :)

Thanks mate. Do you use regular(table) salt or epsom salt?

Also I am having slight pain with some stitches.

I use regular see salt in my cupboard, people say most salt is fine!

I am still too pal, if they become and feel dry and tight soak them in a bath and pull the shaft skin back for about 3 minutes 1-2 times a day. I'm only getting them now because they're loose aha

Thanks mate. You are how many days post surgery. How much swelling is still there? I will try your suggestions. Get well soon. Take care.

15 days mate, swelling is going down hugely now as the stitches begin to fall/dissolve. My only advice is rest as much as you can, if you need to go out, Vaseline with gauze a lot with tight underwear. Salt bath once a day minimum and let it air naked as much as you can as my head is barely sensitive anymore!

Mate, Thanks a lot for your suggestions. After how many days post surgery

did you pee straight without spraying. This is really bothering me.

Take care and thanks Mate.

I'd say I started to pee fine after five days, as for the first three weeks though your swelling of the head will change up and down with the healing and some days you may have better pees than others! I still sometimes get times for a little while that it sprays a bit! Just make sure you sit down aha!!

Thank you mate. You are really helpful.

For last 2 days when I pee at start it sprays then single stream is coming and at the end it sprays(and as per your advice I am sitting and it really helps, thanks). Is that normal?

Yeah mate I'm experiencing rather similar, it starts off spraying if you're more desperate for a wee whilst having persistent swelling then as you say goes to a more single stream movement which obviously is ideal! You'll have good and bad days peeing doesn't mean you aren't healing and it won't forever be like that but until the swelling goes once and for all which probably between 4-6 weeks, there won't be consistent straight peeing aha

If you ever need advice just message me pal

Mate thank you so much. You are extraordinarily helpful ( I am new in this board

so need to figure out how to send message).

Another thing my swelling under the cut has come down to a good extent

but the head (over the cut) is still quite swollen. The swelling in the head is

going down much slower. Is that normal? also I drink about 3.5-4 liters of

water (no tea or coffee but milk and soups also). I am peeing about 9-10 times. Not sure if it is because I drink more. Thanks a lot.

To send a message click on my username and it should have like speech bubble like things next to the follow button!

The head is awfully sensitive and swollen and will be! Bar the frenulum if you still have yours it's one of the longest things to get back to normal! For that with sensitivity and swelling salt baths are the forward, my swelling on the head and sensitivity has drastically lowered the past two days!

And you're probably peeing more due to drinking a lot more nothing to worry about there

Mate, you are really awesome. I feel much better after your answers. My sincere thanks to you.

Take care.

No worries hope the process goes well! If you need anything chuck me a message 👍🏼💯

Sure mate. Thank you so much.

Thanks a lot mate. I have put a new post with picture. Can you

kindly take a look and let me what do you think about progress

of my healing. Thanks. Take care.

I use my foreskin as a nozzle control and direct my urine stream. When I retract my foreskin, I get two streams of urine and it is hard to get both into the toilet.

I wonder how you lived 44 years and suddenly had need for surgery to correct "pinhole phimosis".

I did not have phimosis. Got it recently I don't know why. A few years before I

had balanitis. May be that might have triggered phimosis.

Circumcision is not a happy operation. It has many disadvantages, complications, and leaves a permanent injury to the penis. It is recommended only as a last resort when all other therapies fail.

1. The foreskin acts as a nozzle to contain and control the urine stream. Now that your foreskin is gone, the stream has nothing to contain it. Perhaps it would be best if you sat down when you urinate.

2. Circumcision should have nothing to do with your peeing, but perhaps in the course of your circumcision you may have picked up a urinary tract infection. Have your doctor take a sample of your urine for analysis. You may need to be treated with antibiotics.

Circumcision is surgery to remove the skin that covers the head of the penis. Most men go home the same day as the surgery. Your penis may swell and bruise for the first 2 days. It is generally not very painful, and over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen are all you usually need.

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