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Chronic Prostatitis HELP!!



Im 33yo and have been diagnosed with chronic prostatitis for roughly 4 years. I am giving up living in constant pain ( in the testicles and tip of my penis). I have been prescribed multiple different antibiotics which help for about 2 weeks then the symptoms come back.

I have unrine retention and erectile dysfunction. Currently taking Tamusolin, sildenifil and amitriptyline and was previosly on pregablin still in pain.

The mood swings and pain are now coming in between me and my family (wife and kids) as somedays i cant be bothered with the pain.

Anyone had any medication thst actually stops the pain. I can live woth the other symptoms.


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Have Drs tried you on Cipro?

Dear Fed

I know for experience what means to live with chronic prostatitis. Many young men suffer form it. You are not alone. It is a difficult disease to treat and to cure. I was about 30 when the symptoms began, and I kept having symptoms for about 10 years. But it was long ago (I'm 55 now) and more can be done now.

Of course you have to be patient, the solution is not rapid, but it will arrive. Do semen cultures to see if if there is an infection in your genital tubes. Collect semen by masturbation. Do also urine cultures.

As for the therapy, if an infection is detected (as in my case was), a very long continuous antibiotic therapy has helped me a lot (90 days on cyprofloxacine). As for the pain, I was helped by diclofenac mostly. Of course tamsulosin can help even its first use is for prostatic hypertrophy, but it works in prostatitis because it slacks the muscles around your prostate and bladder neck and so gives you relief. It can cause retrograde ejaculation, so do not worry if you don't "cum" when you "come"; your semen is simply going into your bladder instead that being expulsed, but it is not a problem (unless you desire to inseminate your partner). Amitryptiline is an antidepressant, so I recommend caution. It may also participate in inducing erectile dysfunction, so if you use it, do not be surprised if your sexual performances are less "vigorous". Sildenafil can of course help you to have better erections (which can be a problem with chronic prostatitis) and so to have better mood!

Dear friend, be patient, and you'll see little by little you will ameliorate. If you have appreciated my advice or like to ask me other questions I'm available.


Fed_up1 in reply to nickItaly

Thanks for your reply. I know i need to be patient but im not the most patient person ha ha.

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That's really interesting - I'm afraid of antibiotics. 30 years ago I was prescribed repeated doses of erythromycin for an infection - it completely seized up my anal sphincter, which need 2 anal fissure operations, and I had terrible scrotal burning. This took years to resolve - if it ever really did because I think my intestinal flora had been so devastated

Then in 2017 I was prescribed doxycycline which I took for 4 days - and the same thing started happening in terms of anal seizure, I was on Movicol for months

Now I've finally been diagnosed with chronic non bacterial prostatitis I just couldn't take antibiotics anyway - I'm terrified of them. It hasn't been suggested that I do, I've read that routine prescription of antibiotics tends not to be the case any longer, they are just a shot in the dark anyway and might do more harm than good - I certainly that is true in my case

nickItaly in reply to Hidden

Mine was surely bacterial-related: I always had my semen infected by virtual any kind of foecal bacteria...

In case of aseptic semen, I do not know if antibiotics could be of help, really don'y know

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Thanks for your response - I suspect my problem is really a fungal infection of the prostate, in which case taking more antibiotics could be disasterous



Could you please describe the pain in your testicles? I get unpleasant burning/irritation - especially following urination(which isn't right either). It means I can't do all that much

A consultant urologist finally diagnosed what I have as Chronic Non-bacterial Prostatitis - I've had this since May 2018, apparently brought on my drinking excessively one day. I've got rectal symptoms too - burning difficult defecation about one day in 3, so that's constipation as well

I've had big problems with antibiotics before and I don't trust any conventional medications

I'm trying

1) Diet - no alcohol, spicy food, wheat, dairy, caffeine - which is a nightmare, but breaking the diet does seem to make things worse

2) Natural approach - Quercetin, Saw Palmetto, zinc, omega 3, probiotics

3) Just started acupuncture

4) Amitripyline - cos nerve issues probably involved as well(it's at least good for getting me to sleep - which is about the only thing I have to look forward too)

Too early to say if it's working yet

Fed_up1 in reply to Hidden

The pain in my testicles is a constant ache sometimes gets worse (as if you have been kicked)

I have cut all caffeine out but doesnt seem to make a difference.

Thanks for your reply

trysmiling in reply to Hidden

haydock, you said you got this from drinking too much one day.

This is shocking to me. In December 2018 I drank heavily and spent a full night on the toilet. Two days later I developed a hemorrhoid. Two days later I had it cut out. While I was *waiting* for it to be cut out, I went to the men's room to urinate and it felt like someone pinched my urethra. I never felt that pain again but the next day my urgency symptoms began. Was it like this for you?

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I drank some really yeasty beer, about the worst thing I could have done. After a few days I got constipated and started to have great difficulties with bowel movements; then the scrotal symptoms started - lacerating, inflamed feelings across the scrotum

What symptoms have you got apart from the urinary urgency?

trysmiling in reply to Hidden

Dunno if this helps you but I didn't have beer, only spirits.

My problems are mainly urgency. It's constant. I don't normally have pain and when I do it comes in the form of a horrific urge that's so strong my urethra feels like something is stuck in it. These painful periods are once every month or every two months. I don't normally have stream issues. I do not have scrotal pain.

I know for a fact I have candida and antibiotics always leave me with balanitis that I treat with Lotrimin.

Interesting you mention bowel movement issues because evidently (I blacked out) I was on a toilet straining for about an hour. I wonder if we've damaged a nerve or muscle. I've seen a pelvic floor therapist and it wasn't particularly helpful. I also did stretching for several weeks and it didn't do much. Just the same, I wonder if there's a connection or if it's at least part of the problem.

I feel for you on this.

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Thank you - I'm afraid I don't smile any more - you mention bowel movements and I had made a lot of progress with that - going 1 day in 2 and relatively easily. Then I got talked into taking this accursed Amoxicillin last week because of the test result which said that I have no fungal overgrowth but rather a heavy bacterial overgrowth. I' back to square one, probably worse I bitterly regret ever listening to doctors - the truth is that microbiology is far beyond where science has currently got to and they're like a bunch of oafs swinging a hammer in a china shop; targeted it ain't

I can't go on like this and I'm exploring the possibility of prostate gland removal

trysmiling in reply to Hidden

I lost my smile too, hence the username to try and give me some positivity.

Similar to having one's bladder out for interstitial cystitis, results are not promised and the feeling may persist which turned me off in a big way.

I recently left doctor who would not pursue an antifungal route and now I'm with one who immediately ok'd my suggestion of Diflucan given the medicine I've taken to this point. I've gotta say, I'm a bit disappointed that I'm not seeing big results. I will stay the course so to speak but at the very least this should kill much of my candida overgrowth.

I just can't get over how you started after drinking. I have a relative who started the same way and another fellow online I found as well.

It's difficult to ignore that link. Have we poisoned our urinary systems?

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There's a Prostate Clinic near me which has a got reputation for excellence; I was looking at their website and they say that prostate gland removal can successfully sort out prostatitis. I'm currently pursuing this - however though I know I have an infected prostate from the semen test I had done I don't know if there might be other fundamental issues as well.

You did well to get a GP to take fungal issues seriously and prescribe Diflucan - I'll be very interested to know how you get on with it.

Currently I'm thinking in terms of uric acid - it is said that anti-gout meds can help prostatitis; I feel pretty acid down below and I've had gout before; thinking I should do more to alkalise my urine - it's discouraging; what do I know? I've got 0 scientific background - I just feel I should have had more intelligent wholistic treatment from the medical profession - which has been lacking; their diagnostic efforts have been particularly woeful

"It's difficult to ignore that link. Have we poisoned our urinary systems?"

In my experience it took antibiotics to get an initial breakthrough then alcohol poured in and did the rest.

A fatal combination

Eric Bakker, New Zealand Naturopath, reckons a lot of chronic prostatitis is down to beer drinking


Mine's different then; burning and irritation

I've pretty well cut out the caffeine, unfortunately I think alcohol is the thing that makes my symptoms worse; having had to cut that out has left a huge hole in my life, no fun going to the pub and drinking water

Ask your urologist about TURP.

Thanks for this information, i have an appointment on Thursday with the gp so will ask.

Thank you

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Good luck, keep us posted

Thanks for taking the time to reply its much appreciated,

Would you belive i haven't had a dre. Have had psa test came back at 4 which is seemingly alright. Also had ultra sound on bladder, testicles and a cystoscopy which they said was a little enlarged but not major.

Ill google your method and give it a try.

Thanks again

It sound like an serious inflammation which has lasted for very long, so I guess it should be properly treated right way. I suggest you to try some alternative medicine or natural therapies to eliminate the inflammation and restore a healthy prostate, for example, you could use herbal treatment of diuretic and anti-inflammatory pills, or acupuncture,etc.

It’s antibiotics that are causing these symptoms. Cipro to name one. Look up antibiotic toxicity. It’s how my symptoms started. Doctors don’t know to much about this and ignore it.

Hi, you may need a longer treatment of anti biotic, just a course for a couple of weeks can be ineffective, I have heard of some guys having a low dose for a few months, this usually hammers it more effectively. This could be caused by the Tamsulosin as this can cause changes to your ejaculation, the discomfort can also be contributing to your ED also.

The amitriptyline can also mess with ED and ejaculation.

You are very young to consider a TURP, are you having the Tamsulosin just for the problem or have you got a big prostate?

This sounds similar to issues I have experienced i never connected to (occasional) beer drinking although I would sometimes feel itching in my groin and legs, even after 2 beer. Dr said no sign of infection ,in blood or urine tests, so I was never prescribed antibiotics but I felt like some infection was present. My symptoms would include my core body temperature rise pain in joints and neck and lately inflamed spots on my forehead and face. Also every couple months pass blood and clots in my urine. Some relief came from a natural path prescribed diet change and herbs and vitamin program. I felt most relief from his organic mix of 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar with 3 teaspoon of lemon juice with 1 teaspoon olive oil and added 1 teaspoon turmeric for inflamation and helped reduce acid a bit. I take it after dinner to reduce stomach acid reflux. This has really helped my whole digestive process including the bowl movement being easier from the organic olive oil and helped the stomach flora. I still take a saw palmetto supplement and other vitamins along with Dr of urology prescribed tamsilousin, it hasn't totally corrected all issues but I feel 65% better and wish I knew about this at age 45 not 55. I will continue the olive oil vinegar lemon juice with tumeric the rest of my life!

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