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What to do after circumcision

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Hello,I'm 17 and I was circumcised yesterday and I truly regret having it. I know after reading several stories there is light at the end of the tunnel but I feel like the first 3-7 days are gonna be the worst days of my life. I'm extremely sensitive all over as I had phimosis so this is the first time I've been exposed. I'm scared of sleeping as I don't want to wake up lying on my penis as I cant control my movement when I sleep, plus I cannot imagine what morning wood would feel like especially with stitches. It's day 1 of my circumcision and I have already taken my bandages of as doctors over the phone adviced me too but I feel like Ive done it to soon and the last thing I want is an infection. I'm wondering wen I should have my first wash but im dreading it as I don't know how water is going to feel on my tip. Please I'm looking for advice any advice will be helpful

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Don't put water till the stitches are absorbed. Continue antibiotics as per advice of your surgeon. Nothing to worry.

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I wasn't given antibiotics I shouldn't wash my penis till the stitches have absorbed?

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No you shouldn't get the area wet for 3-4 days.

I'm in a similar situation to you. I'm on day 17 now and I can say the 1st week is terrible.

I woke up my first night bleeding and the initial bandage came off due to erection.

If the area looks like its leaked/discharged some yellow fluid and/or looks very red and inflamed then please for the love of god go to your doctors.

I went to see him a week after the operation and got given antibiotics which took the inflammation down.

I'm not cured yet though and I have work on Monday. After the first week you can wear tight briefs with vaseline wrapped gauze to slowly move around.

The sensitivity gets a bit better when the glans dries out. Mine is still quite sensitive even after 2 and a half weeks

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Obgiv in reply to circregrets

My hospital didn't even give me any gauzes I know I need to go GP in a week will I get some there

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And I know this may sound silly but I'm laying down with my bed covers below my penis and I can't sleep because it's to cold should I start trying to relax more instead of constantly making sure nothing touches my penis except my leg

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You will probably have to buy some gauze. Luckily I live with my parents so they got me a pack of 4ply gauze.

When you get some you can carefully wrap some around your penis with vaseline and secure it with tight underwear.

I think when naked you can lie on your side with knees tucked up a bit (this helps with erections too). Your thigh should prevent the cover from touching your penis, or you can maybe place a small cushion/pillow on your thigh to raise the quilt a bit higher.

The first few nights are tough and you will wake up a few times from erection pains but sleeping does get easier.

Its the walking and sitting down and up again without constantly grabbing your groin thats the problem later on!

Keep me posted buddy

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Thanks for the advice I will keep u posted

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he knee tucking got me threw it

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Get yourself a bed cradle. It's a frame (there are various designs) over which the bedclothes are laid. They are made specifically for conditions where you need to keep the sheets, duvets etc away from the skin. I had one when I was 'cut' and it allowed me to have good, pain-free sleeps. Search 'Amazon', if that operates where you live. Also, tight fitting underpants are great once you start to move around. They will hold your penis tight against the body and prevent the painful 'skin-on-fabric' friction.

Hope your discomfort eases very soon.

Best wishes.

I got a question, how long were you off work till you went back?

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Bucky85 in reply to circregrets

Would you do it over again?

Water should not touch the wounds

It will get better, and you will come to love the result. Hang in there.

Hey bro, im 16 and i just got circumcised 4 days ago, for the same reason u got it for...but dude just make sure to keep in touch with ur doctor, if u have any concerns...morning wood is really anoying, its pain ful for me and wat u should do to avoid it is to make sure u urinate before going to bed and if u do get a borner at night (which i get almost every time at night) just get up and walk around until it goes away...its really anoying but its the quickest way that i find to get rid of borners...but it's gonna be a long painful road ahead of us both which we must go through...just remember that u r not alone!😉i don't think its a issue for removing ur bandage in the first day as long as u put vaseline which helps to protect and nonstick on ur clothes...good luck bro! Im really scared too😢and it sucks being circumcised,i some times wish that i got circumcised when i was a baby...😕

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Obgiv in reply to NattyBatty

Yeah I know I'm on my third day now and I have just had my first wash but I feel like I'm gonna be too sensitive to even put Vaseline on... I can't even think about putting boxers on because I don't let the my bed covers touch my penis but I'm sure I will be able to try today

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Yeah so i tried wearing briefs yesterday with a bit of vaseline on my penis (by the way it was really sensitive applying the oniment but i did it anyway...I really do regret wearing briefs...after a hour so wearing the briefs, i needed to piss so i went in to the toilet and my briefs were stuck on my penis like glue! I was freaking out, so i slowly pulled it off and doing so cause a little bit of blood from the tip, i freaked out a lot! Now it doesn't necessarily hurt just a tiny bit when i pee but nothing really serious...well i just hope that it won't get infected if that can happen...huhhh im scared...

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Obgiv in reply to NattyBatty

It's day 5 for me as well and I haven't even tried putting briefs on I've just been naked should I try it but I feel like it gonna f'ing painful

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Obgiv in reply to NattyBatty

Can I ask how u sleep as well

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Obgiv in reply to NattyBatty

And have u been outside yet

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Bucky85 in reply to NattyBatty

Knowing what you know now, would you do it over again?

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Tigus in reply to Bucky85

Mate I got it done as I have bxo and had foreskin tightness. If you don't need to get circumcised then don't do it

Dude sleep naked! And if u wanna cover ur self with a blanket then u should get a bed cradle or get some house items to elevate ur blanket from touching ur penis...and i haven't really been outside like i,ve been to the doctor but not school or work...its day 7 and now theres skin peeling of my penis which is normal im pretty sure

Hey, I'm 17 and I got circumcised 1.5 weeks ago. First 3-4 days are the most painful days, but it's not actually so bad as I thought. I already went fishing on the second day of my circumcision. After 4th day you'll already see good results, my penis stopped swelling after the 4th day. Just hold on, everything will be fine, the full healing process can take up to 1 year, but it's totally worth it. Stay strong!

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Obgiv in reply to MF14

Seeing posts like dis make me Know this was for good but at the same time u must be an ex military soldier to be able to even put on clothes on the second day of circumcision u was able to go fishing!

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Jeremiah35 in reply to Obgiv

Ohhhh gosh am the 7th day but I regretted having it the first 3 days... I would wake up with a borner and the pain could be unbearable... am on day 7 but still swollen as hell

Do not put Vaseline on your penis. Put the Vaseline onto a gauze and attach that to the penis. That way you won't move finger around your head which is painful and the Vaseline will make it easy for the gauze to stick but not hurt your head. The gauze will protect from the underwear. The gauze might later stick to your head....run warm water over it and it will peel off by itself slowly.

Don’t get it wet for the first 3/4 days then start cleaning the wound buddy! Yeah I’m 2 weeks in and still having issues!!!! Hope no infections come your way mate

I'm 36 and I just got circumcised Monday at 9:30pm. I'm a carpenter and I took today off work. I will be going in to work tommorow though. I bought antibiotics and haven't taken any and took like 3 30mg pills of whatever the Dr recommend. I hate taking pills. It's been pretty uncomfortable but bearable. I noticed that it's got swollen, should I worry? Anyways hoping that it doesn't get worse.

I'm 30 and I'm on day 15now, I took 10 days off work.. how the heck have u been working?? Yes the swelling is normal, my swelling was mostly on the bottom of my head, I'm on day 15 now and stitches have barely began to desolve. I'm stacking Neosporin with anti scarring aid. And night erections or any contact with my girlfriend and pain!!!! I just want these stitches to desolve so I can start living life again.

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WpsS in reply to Choose_Life

Looks like the Carpenters get back to work soon 😄 I'm also n carpenter in Namibia and the Doc only book you off for two days after the op. Also started working again on day 4. Wrapping with gauze and adding a soft pad in me briefs help alot. Day 4-6 was long, but I managed to do all the work as usual. Driving my pick-up was the most uncomfortable part of the day.

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Cameron19 in reply to WpsS

Hey there, I’m 18 and on day 9. I took 3 days off and then returned to work at my local grocery store. Took the bandage off after 1 week and the stitches killed whenever it touched my clothing. I wrap mine with Non-Adherent pads and then gauze over top of that to keep the pads on. I never got prescribed anything, all I take is an Advil before work and tough it out. I really find it’s not that bad! I just have to walk like an old man. Pretty slow but it really helps and they let me wear jogging pants which is also nice. Can’t wait for these damn stitches to dissolve though.

Currently on Day 10 and concerned that one side looks a lot worse with some blood and discharge whilst the right side looks completely normal and stitched. Worried I started salt bathing too early for the stitches.

Hiya mate, quick question, I have the same thing, the bit where my banjo string was doesn’t seem to have fully healed yet and it’s not pussing or anything but if I put a bandage on there is a bit of blood and yellowing. What happened with you? I was just gonna keep it clean and keep it covered at night.

Hello, its been 4 months since you get cut. Hows the feeling? Is ther still any problem?

Incision care:

1. Always wash your hands before touching the incision area.

2. Wash the area daily with warm water and pat it dry. Don't use hydrogen peroxide or alcohol, which can slow healing. You may cover the area with a gauze bandage if it weeps or rubs against clothing. ...

3. Keep the area clean and dry.

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