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Chronic prostatitis for over 30 years.

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Prostatitis History

1984 age 20. Penis tip pain lasting 30 minutes after ejaculation with a full bladder. Resolved after one hour. I quickly learned the correlation of full bladder=equals penis tip pain after ejaculation and began making sure my bladder was empty before having sex.

1986 contracted Chlamydia. Took a course of antibiotics but did not resolve. Mild burning. Doctor said the infection maybe embedded itself in the prostate. Took another course of antibiotics but it still didn't resolve. The doctor could no get an id for Chlamydia anymore and took me off medication. Gradually the condition resolved itself, though the bladder/pain after ejaculation correlation continued.

I don’t recall much prostatitis pain between 1986 and 1991. It’s not unlikely that I suffered from it, but it wasn’t bad enough that I recall it.

For a period of a over a year starting in 1991, I suffered the worst prostatitis pain in my life, and it was nearly constant. At times I had that ‘hot egg’ sensation in my rectum, painful ejaculations, and feelings of malaise. I went to a urologist who was determined to defeat the problem with antibiotics, which I was on for six months. It didn’t work. I tried everything: cutting out all alcohol and caffeine, exercise, relaxation and mediation, yoga…nothing helped. The urologist finally conceded that antibiotics weren’t going to work, and that he was at a loss of what to do next.

I saw another urologist, who ruled out bacterial infection at this point, and asked if I’d like to try acupuncture. I had nothing to lose so I tried it for two months, after which we both agreed that it wasn’t working. The doctor spoke candidly with me, and told that despite the pain, I should try to live my life as normally as possible. I could return to a regular sex life, consume alcohol moderately, and return to the diet I liked. He emphasized that I should return to my habits at my ‘own discretion.’ He also explained that doctors don’t know why the prostate can suffer from inflammation without any obvious underlying causes, but it does sometimes, and it is known as non-bacterial chronic prostatitis and there is no known cure. He said he was sorry that he couldn’t help me any further.

The loss of hope can, in certain situations be liberating. I had a painful condition, but there was nothing that they could about it, and at least it was not bacteria attacking my prostate gland. Resignation alone relieved half the pain. These days I would say, ‘acceptance’ is one of the most powerful weapons I have against prostate pain. I intended to live a normal life despite the pain.

Surprisingly, over the next ten years much of my prostate pain and inflammation went away, although I’ll never know why. I did continue to have bouts of it, lasting from anywhere from a few hours to nearly a week, but it was something I got used to.

From around age 50 I became less virile, physically, although my libido has not suffered much at all. I can still get very hard erections and perform sexually, though I don’t produce the same amount of ejaculate as I used to. I do lose my erection easily though if distracted. This is a digression though.

At 57, I continue to have flare ups from prostatitis. I notice however that the pain seems to have shifted from less within the rectum to more in the penis tip, though I’ve always had pain in both. With age, and possibly an enlarged prostate gland (haven’t checked) I don’t think I’m fully emptying my bladder. Furthermore, I developed a phobia toward peeing when people are around (definitely in a public bathroom but even when I can hear people outside) and often it’s hard to start a stream. I believe that is psychological mostly, but may be attributed to my prostate as well.

A couple of things are certain. During prostate flare ups urination decreases in pressure and quantity. I don’t have incontinence, but during a flare up I never get a feeling of complete bladder evacuation. Urine and prostatitis for me are closely related, just as they were during my 20’s. I can’t explain it, but I somehow get a feeling of a ‘backflow’ of urine into the pipes up there, making my prostate feel sore and ‘boggy.’ Finally, arousal without orgasm (what some call ‘edging’) is almost guaranteed to set off a bout of prostatitis. Again, bad pipes leaking I guess.

As for prostate massage, milking, and ejaculating more often, the jury’s out. I’d say massage is quite pleasurable when my prostate is OK, but no way I’d do it during a flare up. I can’t say it causes a flare up. Same for ejaculation. Usually it’s fine, sometimes it hurts after. Drinking plenty of fluids is always good, but I have to be sure to pee before ejaculation.

I’m not sure if this helps anyone, I can’t offer a cure after all, but there you have- a life history of a kind of ‘male PMS.’

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Wow that is very interesting it was like you were describing me! Also 57 while I didn't start having issues at 20 ,that I recall certainly by 45 I know that something wasn't quite right. Now I've had major flare ups since age 54 including passing visible blood and clots. Trust me I have been through the whole medical work ups biopsy and mri ultrasound cystoscapy and most at least 2x with a diagnosis of enlarged prostate and constant up and down of psa levels from 5.6 to 7.8 and then 4.3. Im scheduled for a second biopsy. I am not complaining and would strongly advise seeing your Dr(s) in fact start at 45 for psa if you can and definitely if you are having trouble starting to pee and not feeling empty. I can offer my non medical opinion I too tried yoga for prostate and increased pelvic circulation find it helpful. Also I've been seeing a natural path he recommended some diet changes and working on probiotic and stomach flora this helps proper digestive tract and break down before it reaches bladder kidneys bowl and for men prostate irritation. By the way its clear to me through diet changes that the hormones added to processing of milk margarine cheese certain meats are very bad for prostate and prostatitis. Changing to organic and swapping for more natural fish oils etc has made a difference. I have not given up all except when it comes to high sugar pop and chips I had to stop them altogether.

Also I noted my job was working out doors that required me to hold my urine etc often till it felt like it would go back up the pipes as you described. I would strongly advise anyone seeing these posts not to do that. Make the time and sometimes the place to go when you have to I believe this hurt my prostate more than anything else.

And finally while not a cure my natural path recommend a daily mix of 1 teaspoon organic apple cider vinegar with 1 teaspoon organic olive oil and 3 teaspoon if lemon juice, I added 1 teaspoon of turmeric to reduce acidity. This has been amazing for my whole digestive system bladder bowel and everything connected it can be a salad dressing but I do it as a shot glass daily at first. Now i do it every 2nd day. I wish I knew this at age 40.

P.s. I have a twin brother who has a psa level 0.8 while I have reduced from 7.8 highest to 4.3 now.

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