Thyroid problems, cancer?

Thyroid problems, cancer?

Hi everyone, I am new to this, but am going through thyroid problems. Its been 7 mo. since it all started with the discovery of hypercalcemia, way to much calcium in my blood. At this point, and after many tests, I stand a good chance of having my ct show cancer of my thyroid, and I just wanted to see if any one has had thyroid cancer, or a thyroidectomy. I am kinda worried about the whole surgery thing, and cancer. Thank you, Claudia


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12 Replies

  • Hi Claudia

    I had a hemithyrodectomy for suspected cancer in Dec 2015. Luckily it was benign but I do have another new growth on the remaining part and currently waiting for a rescan, they wanted to see what it did in a year.

    I found I had a vocal cord palsy after and lost my voice, it has now returned and the cord is working again now.

    The cut looked drastic when I first saw it but actually like a c section scar it's really small now and it I usually scar really badly.

    I know how scared you must feel, I felt like everything was on hold until I go the all clear. The great news is thyroid cancer is so easily treated with radio iodine therapy agter it been removed. It's got a good prognosis. I hope that give you some reassurance.

    L x

  • Thank you so much for your reply, this is new to me, but I really appreciate your encouragement, it isent anything i am looking forward to, if I do have cancer and need a surgery, but getting your feed back makes me feel less anxious. I was also glad to hear that your experiance turned out well . God bless you

  • It is scary but you are not alone. There is a great thyroid uk forum on here. I turned to them when I was going through mine. Why don't you join it and ask the lovely guys there for more info. I know we have to added lupus issue which can make healing more difficult but they will understand.

    Please take care and please keep us updated 😀

    L xx

  • Thank you for your response, this is new to me to be connected to anything like this. I do have a bad thyroid, and bad parathyroids, but not Lupus. When I signed on I thought it was for Thyroid problems, Lupus, and other problems. My Daughter had Lupus, and still has related problems. I am 71 and its sometimes hard for me to learn new things, but I am very glad I signed up for this site, you are all so kind and helpful, and it really does make me feel better to talk to you. We all need to be understood. God bless you, peep

  • Are you sure it is thyroid problems you have and not PARAthyroid? High calcium levels in the blood are almost always due to a parathyroid problem, often a tumour that is causing a state called hyperparathyroidism.

    Mostly this tumour is benign - that means not cancerous and once it is removed the calcium levels go back to normal.

    Do tell us how you get on though.

  • Yes , you are exactly right. I do have hyperparathyroidisum, and I also have five thyroid nodules, two of whic are solid, and of those, one is growing. Its a long story that started last Oct., but by Mon. or Tues. I will know what the cat scan says. Thank you for your reply,peep

  • Hope it is good news then!

  • Me too.

  • Dear PMRpro, got my results. They are going to do a thyroidectomy . I was wondering, do you know how those are? Since i am 71, i was wondering if any one had had one at that age. Is it very painful afterward? How long does recovery take. I guess i am a little anxious . Thank you, Peep

  • I don't I'm afraid - but there is a very good thyroid forum on here I believe. If you look at the right hand side of this page opposite your post and picture there is a list of related posts on here - that might get you some info.

    All the very best for the op and recovery.

  • Thank you very much for you kind reply, Peep

  • Hi Littlebowpeep,

    To hear more experiences from people with thyroid problems, you may also want to join the Thyroid UK HealthUnlocked community at

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